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Using the website travebyheart.nl is at your own risk. Travelbyheart.nl is a blog that is offered for entertainment. My articles are built with great care. I keep it as up to date as possible. However, it is possible that such information is not up-to-date after the expiration of some time. For example opening hours, prices, or even the existence of a company. I would like to advise you to check this information always on the official website of the subject. No rights can be derived from such errors. I am not responsible for any offense whatsoever resulting from translation errors, interpretation or grammatical errors in the content of my website. If you notice any mistakes in the content of the website, I like to hear it! I take care of it as soon as possible.



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On travelbyheart.nl I regularly write about nice hotspots. I usually pay for all cases myself, but it can sometimes happen that I receive a product or service from a company. If this is the case, I always mention this on the relevant blog. I only place a sponsored article or advertisement if it really fits my brand. I think it’s important that the product or service fits my blog at all times! Of course, on my blog, you sometimes find an affiliate link. This is a link to a product of service. If you purchase the product from this link via this link, I will receive a (small) percentage. You do not pay anything extra for this. I am not responsible for the acts of advertisers or sponsors. When you buy a product or service on the basis of a link on my website, you must take action with the company in question when problems arise, not with Travel By Heart.



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