Tag | My travel top 5

Regulary I come across some nice tags from other bloggers. I chose the ones I like the most and I will share them every Friday from now on. Today the tag My travel top 5 from Marcella Molenaar. Enjoy!   Finest accommodation There really are not much accomodation to choose from. Since 2004, I have seen […]

Looking for the ultimate cheat meal? Try lukumades in Athens!

Forget the Mac Donalds, Dunkin’ Donuts and Ben&Jerry’s. For the ultimate cheat meal you go to Athens! The ultimate cheat meal is by far the traditional Greek lukumades. And the very best you can eat in Athens. This snack is so good (… and so bad, but that doens’t matter) that it must be for […]

Italy | Dairy from The Vespa Trip through Toscany

Last Monday, Vincent and I returned from a week in Italy. For a week we drived with a Vespa through Tuscany which was organized by The Vespa Trip. Today I tell you through pictures how the trip was!   Ready to go! At half past 12 we took the plane that brought us to Pisa […]

Kipos | Idyllic dining in a Greek garden

Is it already a bit unilateral? Kipos is also one of my favorite restaurants. Did you know that Kipos means “garden” in Greek? And that’s exactly where you will feel you are when you eat at Kipos!     Kipos can be found at the opposite side of Popi studio apartments. Directions: When you drive just […]

Tag | No words

I love tags! Simply just as an excuse to post more photos on my blog 😉 Today the tag no words of  Eilandmeisje en S-diary. I answer the questions by only placing a picture. Enjoy the beautiful pictures!   What is the most beautiful place on earth you’ve ever been?     Where does your first trip go?   […]

Glaros | Delicious meals and traditional studios right on the beach

Today it is time to write about one of my favorite places on Karpathos. For many year I came to Glaros now. This beachclub is on the beach of Arkassa and it has become a bit of tradition for us to eat the first meal of our holiday here. A lovely place where I want […]

Survey Travel By Heart

Good morning everyone 🙂 My blog exists already one year this month and I am very froud of that! I enjoy writing stories with a kind of subjects and I work daily on my blog. I am working hard to get the most out of my blog and I am busy with improve certain things all the […]

Restaurant Marea | The best hotspot in Rijswijk

Today it’s time for another hotspot, but this time one close by home. Last week we went for a spontaneous meal and I realized it was time to share this cozy spot on my page. In this blog I tell you about my favorite Italian restaurant Marea. So here it is!     You will find […]

3 must try pita’s when you are on Karpathos

If you say Greece, you say pita gyro. Also on Karpathos you will find this typical Greek dish. But where can you get it? Today I share three different types of pita who reached my top 3. Which one is your favorite?     Chicken pita at Glaros This pita only a bit different from the usual […]

Poseidon wine tasting | Wines and culinary amuses = ultimate enjoyment

A wine tasting at Karpathos? Yes, that can be done! Poseidon restaurant organizes a wine tasting for the first time this year. They organize this for the whole season, every Friday at five o’clock (reservation required!). Sounds very nice of course, especially because we are totally unaware of Greek wines in the Netherlands. So you’ll […]

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