Tag | Been there, done that!

I regularly come across some nice tags from other bloggers. Today I share the tag Been there, done that from Cynthia. Let’s start!     Which countries of the world have you visited so far? Italy, Spitsbergen, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, England and Greece including Karpathos (+20), Thassos, Skyros and Rhodes.   Which […]

The best spots for snorkeling on Karpathos

Snorkeling on Karpathos is beautiful, but some beaches are more interesting than the other when it comes to their underwater world. Are you going to Karpathos for the first time? Then you should definitely check the blog below! Today, I share my favorite places to snorkel.     Apella Apella beach really is at the […]

Κάρπαθος 2017 | A dairy of beautiful pictures part 2

It took a while before another blog was online on my site. Unfortunately, after my holiday, it went downhill with my health and I did not see much more than my bed, the couch and the toilet for a week. This week, luckily, was good again and I found the time to write this blog. […]

Taverna Mesogios | Home of the real Greek tapas

Today I share another restaurant where I like to enjoy my evening during our holidays: Mesogios. Wondering where to find this place and what you can eat there? Then read on!     Mesogios is very well located at the harbour of Pigadia (Karpathos-Town). As you walk over the promenade, the restaurant caught directly your […]

Personal Body Plan | Wat ik leerde in de eerste 6 maanden

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The 10 most frequently asked questions about Karpathos

Are you going to Karpathos soon, but do you still have some questions? Then this blog is perfect for you! Friends and acquaintances who want to go to Karpathos often come to me for questions. Today I take the 10 most frequently asked questions and answer them with you. Is your question not included? Ask […]

Het recept van mijn allereerste groene smoothie.

Afgelopen week dronk ik voor het eerst in mijn leven een groene smoothie. Het idee van groenten verwerken in een smoothie vond ik maar raar. Een beetje overdreven eerlijk gezegd, iets te veel onder de term gezondheidsgoeroe. Helaas ben ik iemand die niet heel makkelijk groenten eet (het liefst alleen in een stamppot verwerkt). En […]

Aan diegene die het nodig vonden om mij op het hart te trappen.

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Tag | My travel top 5

Regulary I come across some nice tags from other bloggers. I chose the ones I like the most and I will share them every Friday from now on. Today the tag My travel top 5 from Marcella Molenaar. Enjoy!   Finest accommodation There really are not much accomodation to choose from. Since 2004, I have seen […]

Looking for the ultimate cheat meal? Try lukumades in Athens!

Forget the Mac Donalds, Dunkin’ Donuts and Ben&Jerry’s. For the ultimate cheat meal, you go to Athens! The ultimate cheat meal is by far the traditional Greek lukumades. And the very best you can eat in Athens. This snack is so good (… and so bad, but that doesn’t matter) that it must be for […]

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