4 books you should read, if you are in love Greece

We have to admit, when we are in the Netherlands we do not read that much. Well, Vincent occasionally when he has to travel for his work, so convenient at the airport and in the evening at his hotel. We simply do not make time for it. When we are against it in Greece, we devour books like crazy! There are 2 to 3 books per week. Later a blog about our favourites holiday booking, but now first a list of books that have a Greek touch!

4x books about Greece

To create a little bit of summer in this cold Dutch winter: reading books that take place in Greece with something to do with Greece. Delicious even dream away at a beautiful summer in Greece;) Here are 7 books about Greece that provide a wonderful holiday feeling. To enjoy!

In dolphin’s wake

In this book, you follow Harry Bucknall in the summer of 2006. He makes a trip from Venice to Istanbul across the Aegean sea. During his trip, he passes many Greek islands. The journey not only goes along the Greek islands, but you also learn more about Greek history, myths and the Greek island life.

Order here In dolphin’s wake

Boeken Griekenland Greek books

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

A famous book about Greece (and film!) That almost everyone knows. For those who do not know a short intro. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin takes place during WWII. The Italian army occupies the Greek island of Kefalonia. During that occupation, the army captain falls for the Greek Pelagia. He is forced to choose the love of his life or his homeland.

P.S. This book is available in both Dutch and English 🙂

Order here Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Falling in Honey

My favorites in the category books about Greece. By reading this book you want to book a single ticket to Greece and never come back! In the book, you follow Jen. She leaves behind her old life and broken relationship to leave for Greece and lead the typical ‘siga, siga’ life. The book can only be read in English, but written simply.

Order here Falling in Honey

An Octopus in My Ouzo

This is the sequel to the book Falling in Honey. She gets to know a fisherman and he learns something new every day. Jen takes you into the typical Greek island of life in life. Really a wonderful book about Greece for dreams of the cold winter days, but also nice on a Greek beach of course;)

Order here An Octopus in my Ouzo

Do you have a favourite book about Greece?

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