5x Why Karpathos is the best in Spring

Of course Karpathos is always gorgeous, but spring is extra special. The temperature is rising, but it is still calm and incredibly green. What else do you want?

Deserted beaches

Yess! This is so nice! During spring, the season on Karpathos has not yet started in part (usually at the end of April / beginning of May), so the beach beds and parasols are not yet on the beaches of Karpathos. In this period there is a good chance that you can sit on the beach all by yourself, how cool is that ?! We ourselves regularly went to Karpathos at the beginning of May and even sat on the big beaches on Karpathos like Kyra Panagia and Diakoftis all by ourselves!

The weather is perfect

Where it can be quite warm in the summer and (on the side of Afiartis / Arkassa) it can also be quite windy on Karpathos, spring is perfect in terms of weather. About 20 degrees (sometimes 25 degrees at the beginning of May). Here some clouds and okay, sometimes a bit rain, but that is part of spring too.

Everything is in bloom in the spring on Karpathos

After (usually) a rainy winter on Karpathos, the island is unwise in bloom in spring. This changes quickly as soon as the rain stays away and the temperatures go up in the summer, but you can still fully enjoy it in the spring!

Perfect for activities

Whereas in the summer months it is soon 30 to 35 degrees on Karpathos, spring is not that hot yet. At around 20 degrees Celsius and regularly with a cloud cover, this period is perfect for activities such as hiking, mountain biking and climbing. For example, you can walk from the village of Volada to the top of the Kali Limni, the highest mountain of Karpathos.

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Although Karpathos is not yet a holiday destination with mass tourism, it is certainly busy in the high season. The beaches are crowded and the restaurants are full. However, anyone who chooses to go to Karpathos in the spring has peace of mind. Think of deserted beaches and no chaos in Pigadia. We love as well the fact that in Spring our friends on Karpathos aren’t that busy working yet, so we still have plenty of time to socialize 🙂

The BIG disadvantage …

These were 5 reasons why Karpathos is beautiful in the spring, but there is also a big disadvantage to the spring season on Karpathos that still needs to be named. Although spring generally has a wonderful temperature on Karpathos, the winter is just over and so the seawater has not yet been able to heat up and is cold. From the half of May, the water is enjoyable.

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