6 ways to create the Karpathos summer vibes at home

What a strange time huh! In January we were still counting down for our holiday to Karpathos and now we are praying that we are still able to go this year. Some people already needed to cancel since they had a trip plannend in May. Still, we have to make the best of it and so we bring the Karpathos summer vibes to our house in the Netherlands. Here our tips! To enjoy!

Start your day with a Greek style breakfast

Start your day in Greek style by taking the time make a Greek breakfast. Our favorite is the Greek yogurt bowl. You can easily assemble this Greek bowl yourself, but it is so good! Grab some Greek yoghurt, honey, walnuts and fruit of your choice and you’re done. You can also make a frappe as an extra Greek touch. Enjoy!

Make a Karpathian memory wall like us

We looked at an empty, white bedroom wall for a long time. Not really something to be happy about and we wanted to change that asap. We were thinking of a memory wall with pictures of Karpathos. Instead of buying this pre-made, we made it ourselves.

What you need:

  • A big map of your favourite island (We had the size A0)
  • Scissors
  • Poster buddies or painter’s tape
  • Paint for the wall
  • Acrylic brush
  • Your favourite photos

Now it’s time to get started! Cut out the island so that you create a template of the island, as it were. Stick these with poster buddies or painter’s tape in the right place on your wall. Then it is time to paint the island. This works best with an acrylic brush from the hardware store. Do not try to paint from top to bottom as you are used to, because this can easily creates stains and that would be a shame. It is best to point out, as it were, and then the entire island.

Once you have painted the entire island on the wall it is time to wait until it is dry, then you can carefully remove the template from the wall. And then there is one more thing: hang up your favorites photos! We also did this with poster buddies, so that we could easily take them off and change them. However, you could also choose to stick it with wallpaper glue.

Karpathos memory wall

Make your own ouzo milkshake

I know, it will never be the same as at the Skala in Amoopi but it’s still fun and delicious to make your own ouzo milkshake! Take some ouzo, vanilla ice cream and milk, put it in a blender and it’s ready to drink!

Music on!

Music brings us back to the best memories. For me, Liefs uit Londen, My Number one en So Fine bring back lot’s of vacation vibes. Also the numbers they play at Stema bar are in my holiday music list.

Need some inspiration? Listen to our Spotify list with Karpathos vibes!

Karpathos food

Free Karpathos bag!

We have decided to ‘sell’ our Karpathos bag for FREE. You only pay the production and shipping costs! Why? We hope that trough this way people hear about Karpathos and that hopefully means a lot of good for the tourism in Karpathos for 2021!

Cook a Greek diner or order at a local Greek restaurant

Unfortunately we can no longer eat outside our home, but we can still prepare a cozy diner at home! For example, last week we ordered from the local Greek restaurant in the village for a delicious gyro dish including baguette, salad and fries (and our own wine of course 😉 ). Of course you can also cook yourself! Go for spanakopita or a delicious moussaka. Kali Orexi!

This were our tips for bringing Karpathos into your home. Want to enjoy the Karpathos vibes even more? Watch our Karpathos travel video from last year. For now take care and hopefully we’ll see you all soon on Karpathos!

Dit vind je vast ook leuk!


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