Hi! I am Athina, the woman behind The Karpathos guide. Together with my boyfriend Vincent, I live in The Netherlands and we have our own place on the Greek island Kaprathos where we spend as many days off as possible. 

You can make me happy with dinner parties with friends. Talking, food, drinks and preferably a game.

My life quote? Do what makes you happy! Vincent and I are very consciously devoting to do the things more in live that makes us happy. 

My love for Greece 

My first encounter with Karpathos was in 2004. Together with my parents we stayed in the beautiful Kyra Panagia. My parents were again (after their vacation together in ’94) completely in love with the island and that vacation bought another house on the island.

Since then I haven’t skipped a year and we went to Karpathos 6 weeks a year. My love for the island started there. When I got a little older, I thought it would stop. I wanted to see the world and go on holiday to Lloret with friends. However, love did not stop and after some other places in the world, Karpathos appeared to have completely stolen my heart. When I first met Vincent in 2011, he too fell in love with this island and so we haven’t skipped a year together.

In 2016 I decided to start my own blog about Karpathos. I wanted to share my love with even more people. That is why I started my blog Travelbyheart.nl. This has now also become a lot expanded, because in addition to blogs I now also provide customized travel advice.

Although Karpathos is not a large island, there is much to experience. Even after more than 10 years we discover new things. Although of course we cannot share everything on the island (we want to keep it personal and share our favorites), we do new things every vacation we have never done (or long ago). This way we can provide you with great tips and stories and our information will stay up-to-date!

Would you like to see something on our website, but is it not on it? Let us know via a message.

Let’s dream BIG

I remember well that in 2016 we were sitting on the terrace of my parents’ house. Thinking about the future. Once we wanted the same as my parents: a place of their own on Karpathos.

So you see again, visualizing a dream helps to achieve it. The idea was already in our head. In 2017 our chance already came that we could not turn away & so we suddenly became owners of our own place on our island.

What we have in mind for the future? Someday it would be great to go to Karpathos for a long time and we see marriage on the island as well happening in the future.