Hey vacation lover! Are you …

  • planning on going to Karpathos?
  • Looking for a Greek island for your next vacation?
  • or just already a big Karpathos-lover?

But don’t you know 

  • if Karpathos is really your type of holiday destination?
  • How to go to and where to stay on Karpathos?
  • What kind of activities, hotspots or restaurants the island does offer?

Then our blog is the right place for you! On our blog we share our personal experiences about Karpathos where YOU have something. Every Monday there is a new article online about Karpathos on our website. We’ll tell you about the most beautiful beaches of Karpathos, where to find a good restaurant and what kind of excursions you can do on the island. We also give advice about renting a car or quad and you’ll be able to book your flights and accommodation through our website.

We also give travel tips on what to do if your flight has been cancelled and which items should not be missing in your suitcase and we write about Greece in general.

We bought our own house in Karpathos in September 2017 and we are very proud of it! In addition to information, you will also find many personal stories on travelbyheart.nl. We tell you everything about our house and take you on our journey! We also give tips on buying a holiday home abroad, share travel stories of our holidays and many more personal messages!

Why are we the Karpathos experts?

In 2004 Athina went to Karpathos for the first time together with her parents, who bought their own holiday home that year. Since then, Athina has been going to the island two or three times a year. In 2011 Vincent also came into contact with the island and in 2017 we bought our own holiday home. After all those years Karpathos we have already discovered so many nice restaurants, beaches and other hotspots and we wanted to share them with others in a personal way!

Although Karpathos is not a big island, there is plenty to experience. Even after more than 10 years, we discover new things. Although we can not share everything of the island (we want to keep it personal and share our favourites), we do new things every holiday we’ve never done (or long ago). This way we can provide you with great tips and stories and our information will stay up-to-date! Would you like to see something on our website, but is it not there? Let us know via a message.


Who are we?

We are Athina and Vincent. Two in their twenties with a love for each other (since 2011) and Karpathos. We both come from the Westland and still live there today. Athina came to Karpathos with her parents for years and when we got a relationship, Vincent also discovered this island. We have been fantasizing for a long time ever to buy a house on Karpathos. That nevertheless came much earlier than planned. There was a fantastic opportunity and so we tackled it together.

Two or three times a couple of years we enjoy together (and sometimes with friends and family) our own place on the island. In the future, we hope to be able to live half-past-half so that we can enjoy Karpathos and our house even more.

In addition to our blog, Athina works as a content writer and as an administration employee. Vincent works in greenhouse construction.

athina en vincent blog over Karpthos


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Hi! Welcome to Travel by heart. My name is Athina and this is your online island guide about the Greek island Karpathos. You’ll find here the most beautiful spots on the island. Fancy hotels, food spots and the best must-do’s. Enjoy!

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