5x Why you should never book an all Inclusive to Greece

All inclusive. You love it or you hate it is what they say and I do think that that is true. I myself once went to an all-inclusive hotel and for me (and Vincent) that was also immediately the last time. And I can imagine that you choose for all-in in Egypt, Mexico or Turkey, but in Greece NO WAY! So for today 5 reasons why you should not go all-inclusive to Greece.


The crowds

Because oh boy, how busy it is at those resorts! Especially in the high season, they are just full. And let’s face it, we do not want to feel like a bunch of chickens in a locked loft? You do not want to stand in line for your food? Or for an activity, right?!


Food and drinks

Convenient of course that the food and drinks are included, but that is all I can say about it. Because is it really fun to stand in line every night in the same restaurant, with the same people, for your food? I find standing in line for breakfast in an ordinary hotel already annoying,  can you imagine all day. And then about those bins where the food is located … In the Netherlands the hotels generally keep to the rules about how long the food can be in heated bowls, abroad is usually a little more grind. And honestly, it usually also looks like it’s thrown from a can into the heated bowl right away, am I right? And okay, some all-inclusive hotels are a lot better in terms of food and drinks, but there is a price tag for that of course. When you pay more, you may, for example, eat à la carte and that is nice. But still, you want to see something of Greece and enjoy real Greek specialties and local hospitality, right? Book a nice bed and breakfast and enjoy it outside!


all-inclusive naar Griekenland


Impersonal and uncomfortable

the Greeks are very hospitable and you will really notice that when you book a small hotel or an apartment. Because it is small-scale you often have good contact with the locals and that is always nice. You miss this in a large all-inclusive hotel. The hotel is especially keen on earning as much as possible and a honest, friendly talk with the guests is (usually) not part of it. It’s just a lot more impersonal.


The hotel determines your rhythm

You are on vacation so you want to enjoy the free time that you have now right? After all, you do not have to get up, because your employer expects you at 8 o’clock at work. Bad luck if you are in an all-inclusive hotel because your rhythm is entirely determined by the hotel and usually also by other guests. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner they are at specific times. Depending on the number of stars, you also have set times for snacks and drinks in between, and are you still hungry at 23:00? Too bad, the all-in concept is closed at that time. In addition, you often also let your rhythm determine by other guests. You’re going to prepare your towel early in the morning too, because otherwise at 9 o’clock your place will be occupied. And of course, you will have breakfast before 9 o’clock because otherwise there is such a long line etc. etc…


all-inclusive naar Griekenland


You’ll see so little from the country

Greece is so beautiful. The beautiful beaches, the Greek food, the hospitality and the history is really something you should not miss when you go to Greece, but if you book an all-inclusive hotel in Greece, you will probably not see ANYTHING in the country. So book a small-scale hotel or apartment and enjoy every day outside your room!


These were the reasons why you shouldn’t go all-inclusive to Greece. And I would like to add a final disclaimer to the text because I understand that there are many people who choose an all-inclusive stay. You know what you get and in principle, no costs are added. I understand that for people with perhaps a smaller budget choose such a type of vacation and I have nothing against. But apart from that, I think all-inclusive holidays are just a shame because you just do not get anything from a country and/or culture. 🙂


What do you think about all-inclusive vacations?



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  1. I agree! All inclusive sounds not the way we want to enjoy our vacation. Freedom is the best thing in holidays. Lots of different kinds of taverns and local hospitality. That’s real Greece! Best wishes, Tuija

    • Yess! You’re totally right!


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