Back to our beloved Karpathos

Wednesday, June 5, 2019. The TUI app indicates another 3 days and 22 hours and then we are back on Karpathos. I can not wait anymore. This week is going fast and at the same time so slow for me. The next two days I am off work, time to pack the last things. Work one last day on Friday and then it’s almost time to go.

Last week we ordered beds from Ikea Greece. They will probably arrive this week, so we have new beds right away. Very nice! Our old beds were already 15 years old and quite hard. 10 days was still possible, but longer than that and your back was really broken. Now we have ordered a nice box spring for downstairs and we also renew part of the bed upstairs 🙂

Apella Karpathos strand

We go on holiday for 2 weeks, of which 10 days friends of ours also go. We met Alwin and Renee two years ago during our vacation in Italy. In the meantime, we see each other almost every month and it clicks so well that the four of going to Karpathos together. Very nice!

It’s always nice to take people on vacation. They show ‘our’ island and all the places that made us fall in love with Karpathos. We do not want to plan too much, but of course, there are things that we will definitely do such as going to Apella, Ahata, ouzo milkshakes at Skala and snorkelling (yeah we all have such a nice Easybreath!).

We also go to sleep at Lux View Villas. I’m really looking forward to that. Enjoying our time in the pool, with some wine (yes, with wine everything is better!) And enjoy the peace of course.

Although we will mainly enjoy our vacation, I will definitely stay online for The Karpathos guide No new blogs appear these 2 weeks, but I am online every day via Instagram stories, so follow us there! We will also be shooting a lot of new content for the website and social media channels. New tips are coming after this vacation. For example, we go for a walk with Art & Walk and we visit a number of new accommodations to see what they are like.

So, for now, I say hello here! June 26 I am back here with a new travel story full of photos of the vacation. Are there any places that you would like to see again in the upcoming 2 weeks on Instagram stories? Let me know in the comments!

Dit vind je vast ook leuk!


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