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5 gorgeous beaches on Karpathos you should visit

15 October 2018

Greece is a paradise when it comes to beautiful beaches. Also on Karpathos, it is bursting with beaches and all of them are beautiful! Yet there are a few gems that stand head and shoulders and therefore for you, the most beautiful beaches of Karpathos!


The 5 most beautiful beaches on Karpathos



This beautiful beach is located next to Kyra Panagia and Apella and is a 20-minute drive from the capital of Karpathos, Pigadia. Ahata is a small bay, but really beautiful to see! We can stare at the rock walls for hours, they are just so beautiful here šŸ˜‰ You can snorkel and there is a small taverna.




This beach in the north of Karpathos was at the top of the list ‘most beautiful beaches in Europe’ in 2002 and we understand that! What a beauty is this! It is a pretty big beach, with a beautiful blue sea and you can snorkel here. Generally, it does not blow on Apella and it is – especially in the high season – pretty warm. From the capital Pigadia, it is 35 minutes drive to this beach, but you can also go there by boat.

Boat trip Karpathos | Sailing to Vasilis Paradise, Apella and Kyra Panagia


Stranden Karpathos - Apella



Diakoftis beach can be found at the airport of Karpathos. The road to it is getting used to, because it is not (yet) paved. A 4-wheeldrive is not necessary, with a normal car is fine, but with the scooter do recommend it because of all loose stones on the road you slide away quickly. Diakoftis is a lovely sandy beach, where you can again fantastic snorkeling and you can walk far into the sea. The runway is located next to the beach, so you can see the planes come and go, always fun! It is a 30-minute drive from Pigadia.

De most beautiful spots for snorkeling on Karpathos


Stranden Karpathos Diakoftis


Kato Lako

This beach is for Vincent and me really # 1 in the list of most beautiful beaches on Karpathos!Ā We discoveredĀ Kato Lako in 2018. We have never been there before because it is only accessible with a 4×4 (or on foot). We, therefore, rented a quad so we could take a look and we were immediately in love! It is so beautiful! And because the beach is difficult to reach, it is nice and quiet šŸ˜Š


Stranden Karpathos Kato Lako


Kyra Panagia

The beach Kyra Panagia is known for many, even if you have never been to Karpathos. In articles online or in magazines about Karpathos you will often see this beach as a picture with the article. From the beach you can go up the stairs to one of the most photographed churches of Greece and from here you have a fantastic view of the Mediterranean sea! We would like to tell you that Kyra Panagia is very hot in high season because there is no wind. Visit the beach in May / June or October if you do not like it. From Pigadia you are in 30 minutes drive, but you can also go there by boat.


Stranden Karpathos Kyra Panagia


Abandoned beaches on Karpathos

Although Karpathos is known as a quiet island, does not mean that the beaches in the high season are empty, even in high season, it is nice and busy here. Are you looking for deserted beaches without beds then you will have to search or choose the right period! At the end of April / beginning of May, most beaches are still empty and the beach beds are often not there yet. We are often alone on the beach during this period!



Which beach belongs to the list of most beautiful beaches on Karpathos according to you?


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