The best season for your holiday to Karpathos

Karpathos is like many other Greek islands a seasonal island. It is ‘open’ from the 1st of May to about mid-October. Of course, you can also go outside the season, but keep in mind that it really is a lot quieter and also many restaurants are closed. In this period there are no planes flying directly from European countries so you have to come through Athens or Rhodes. But which travel time is best? Well, that depends mainly on your personal preferences!



The month of May is the first month the Island is open after winter period. All restaurants are open and the whole island is moving again. This month, the island is also the greenest, much greener than in July or August for example. However, you there can be a bit of rain and the water is not really warmed up yet.  But it is between 20 to 30 degrees on the island so you can spend all day on the beach!


beste reistijd Karpathos



The month of June has to be the calm before the storm 😉 the month falls between two holidays and is very quiet. However, the weather is a lot better than in May and the water is a bit more heated.



The most expensive month for Karpathos is July. Not on the island itself, but the flights towards it. In July most people have summer holidays so that probably is the reason. July is also again a great month in terms of temperature and for windsurfing. In July – along with August – the wind is much stronger in Afiarti. In addition, July is busier than May and June, but pleasantly busy.


beste reistijd Karpathos



This month is the busiest of all.  Of course, it is nothing like Spain or Turkey, but for many people who know Karpathos, they say it is too busy this month. Apart from all the tourists from The Netherlands, Germany, and Austria, the Italian people come in August as well and also many Greeks who live in America come to  Karpathos to visit their family and friends. So this makes it busier than July. Of course, the temperature is delightful in August as well as the seawater.



This is my favorite period! Summer holidays are over so it is much quieter on the Island. The temperature is still very good and the sea water got very warm during the other months. During the day the temperature is between 25 – 35 degrees, but during the evening it’s getting colder so bring a sweater with you during dinner!



The month October approximately equal to September. This month can have a bit of rain, but this is usually later in the month. Between the 1st and 3rd week of October, all flight companies have their last direct flights and the island is preparing to ‘close’. This also means that a lot of restaurants will close during October and because they are running out of products you are not able to order everything that’s on the menu anymore.


Which period do you enjoy the most on Karpathos?



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