A boat trip on Karpathos | Vasilis Paradise, Apella and Kyra Panagia

As you may know, if you follow my blog, I have just returned from a week of Karpathos with friends. They were on the island for the first time and so I showed them as much as possible. A boat trip could not be missed this week! In this blog, you can read more about the boat trip that we did.


I chose the boat trip from Sofia my Love where we would pass Vasillis Paradise, Apella, and Kyra Panagia. In the morning we went to Pigadia early, because the boat would leave at half past 9 and you want of course a nice spot on the boat! From Pigadia we sailed along the coast.  I think it is gorgeous to see Karpathos from a sea point of view! We passed Ahata, Kyra Panagia and then we also passed Apella until we arrived at Vasilis Paradise. Vasilis Paradise is a very small private beach where you really could only go by boat. At the beach, you can snorkel and while we were able to swim, the crew went to prepare our lunch. Lunch consisted of a salad with rice and a delicious souvlaki. We have lunch with the whole group in the crew’s self-designed 5 * restaurant. Very nice and from this place you really have a beautiful view of the sea.


Boottrip Karpathos


Boottrip Karpathos


When everyone had lunch, it was time to continue sailing to Apella. Here we could again get off the boat. I was very tired and we still had a decent day/evening to go. so I took a nap in the shade, but the girls have been swimming and lying on the deck of the boat. At 3 pm it is time to say goodbye to this beautiful beach. We now sail towards Pigadia, but on the way we stop for about half an hour at Kyra Panagia. Here we can dive into the sea from the boat and have some time to swim. Then it is time to sail back to the port of Pigadia. On the way, we are offered a nice piece of watermelon and one of the crew members is performing a small play with the children sitting on board of our boat and then it’s time to get off.


Boottrip Karpathos

It was a really nice boat trip, which gives you another view of Karpathos. Have you ever did a boat trip on Karpathos?


Do you also want to book a boat trip? You can, of course, do this via your tour operator, if you have one, but I would always do it through the boat itself. The boats are in the harbor at Pigadia in the evening and then you can go there to reserve a spot. You pay on the boat the next day. For this, we paid  € 25, – per person including the food.


Have you ever did a boat trip on Karpathos? And did you know that you can also do a boat trip to Saria?


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