A boat trip to Saria | Explore the beauty of this island next to Karpathos!

Karpathos is a gorgeous island, but have you ever heard of the small, uninhabited island next Karpathos? This island is called SariaSaria is a very small island north of Karpathos. The island is uninhabited, but occasionally there are fishermen or shepherds who stay for a short period of time on the island. Saria, like Karpathos, falls under the archipelago of the Dodecanese. The islands are only separated by a canal of 100 meters. So it’s very close together! The island is rusty and volcanic. You will find beautiful bays and ruins. Saria is also known for it’s breeding place for Eleonora’s falcons.


Boat trip to Saria, Karpathos

Boat trip to Saria, Karpathos

Boat trip to Saria, Karpathos


You can only go to Saria by boat. During the season, boats from Pigadia and Diafani go to the island daily. We started in Diafani and from there we went with Captain Manolis to Saria island. It was nice that it was already at the end of the season, because now besides or family there were only 4 other people on the boat. After about an hour sailing, we arrived at a beautiful cave and we got the time to swim for a small time in the cave. Then we continue our trip to the beautiful bay of Palatia were we stayed for about 4 hours. You can choose to just swim or take a walk to the ancient village of Argos, the Syrian pirate ruins or the Byzantine St. Sofia Chapel. By the way, on the left side of the bay, you will find beautiful caves where you can swim through and that’s definitely worth it!


On the beach of Palatia, a simple but delicious lunch is also provided. After lunch and lots of swimming it time to go further to Alymounta where we can go for another swim. From there we sail to Diafani and Giorgos serves a nice glass of raki on the way back. 🙂


Check here about a boat trip on Karpathos to Vasilis Paradise, Apella and Kyra Panagia.


Have you ever been on a boat trip to Saria?



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  1. Is it too cold to swim in Karpathos during May/late May?

    • Hi Danielle,
      In May the water is getting warmer. We used to go early May and sometimes it was still a bit cold, but later in May and at the end of May, the water is already fine. Of course, if you really want to be sure for a good temprature, choose June 🙂


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