My favourite breakfast spot on Karpathos

Mostly we have breakfast at our home, but we also enjoy having breakfast outside the door for 1 or 2 times. When we do, we have breakfast in Pigadia at En Plo. All about this place, you’ll read below 🙂 


I love breakfast and it is even more fun when you are on holiday and you can have breakfast in the morning with good weather and a beautiful view. With our own house on Karpathos, we always have breakfast at home. Tasty (toasted) bread, tea and fresh gravy. But I also enjoy breakfast outside the door, which we never do in the Netherlands. In Afiartis you can not really have breakfast so we have always go to Pigadia. There we eat at En Plo which you can find ‘under’ the ATM bank, next to the stairs.


In May Vincent and I stayed at Lux View Villas and because we drive along Pigadia on the way to the house, we decided to have breakfast at En Plo. Once we got a nice spot we saw that the looks of En Plo had changed and also the menu card and in a positive way! After a conversation with one of the waiters, we found out that the tent has been taken over and has a new concept. En Plo was already our favourite tent for breakfast and cocktails in Pigadia, but now the tent is even better!


ontbijten Karpathos


Lucky me they haven’t changed much on the menu. Very nice, because my favorite breakfast was still there: a yoghurt bowl with nuts, honey and fresh fruit with fresh juice and coffee. Vincent chose (yes, as breakfast!) for a sandwich with chicken and also got fries. Both dishes looked great, you get a lot and it’s really tasty! Imagine that you are at the harbor in your summer outfit, in the sun, and your morning really cannot start better!

If we are in Pigadia in the evening then we would also like to visit En Plo, because they have great cocktails. Their cocktail menu changed, but in a good way, they are even better now and they have happy hour from 16.30h 😉


Cocktailbar Karpathos- En Plo



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