6x crime series on Netflix to get you through the winter

Karpathos summer is over and we have to wait all winter before we will meet again, it sucks! And how do we get through the winter a bit nicer? I am really addicted to Netflix since my in-laws have ever taken a subscription for it and crime series are really my favorite. Therefore for my 7 favorites is crime series on Netflix so you can get past winter time!



Broadchruch is a great British police series. In the series, we follow a female and male detective in the small town called Broadchurch. Where most series have one (murder) case per episode, this series has one case per season. Continually you come a little closer to the value and the series is unexpectedly unexpected.



I think this is my favorite crime series on Netflix right now. I have recently found and I am still watching since it has a lot of episodes and seasons, it’s a good one! An ex-doctor has become a coach for people who have been in rehab and she gets a new client. The man in question is working as a consultant for the NYPD and because she is his coach she will have to go to crime scenes continuously. She keeps on assisting him more and more and he also teaches her to become a real detective and eventually they start work together, even after he finished this rehab programme. Really nice series with a good duo!



This series is really my favorite in terms of characters, but it is some ‘less’ real crime than the others I mentioned. The other series come from England and Scotland and just like Scandinavian crime series these are slightly more real. You will notice that this crime series really is a lot more American. Tom Ellis plays a great character. He plays a Lucifer, who is a devil who comes from hell and now lives on earth. His world consists mainly of drinking, sex, and his own nightclub LUX. He comes into contact with Chloe Decker who is a detective at the LAPD, a special bond develops between the two and Lucifer assists her with all matters that pass since he has a mystery skill because he is the devil. In addition to crime, we also learn a lot about where Lucifer comes from and how his world is composed of hell and heaven. The series has so far 3 seasons. Unfortunately, the makers decided to stop a while back with producing more seasons. There has been an action #saveLucifer via twitter and Netflix has announced a while back to take over the series with all the original actors!



Marcella, like Broadchurch, is a typical British police series. Marcella struggles with personal problems and after her husband leaves her, she decides to go back to work at London Metropolitan Police service as a detective. She is conducting research into a serial killer who was active years ago but was never found. Marcella is struggling because of her personal problems with blackouts and is afraid that she has killed her ex’s new girlfriend because she can not remember where she was on that very moment.

The Fall

This is for all ladies who are fans of Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Grey). The Fall is a crime series that takes place in Belfast. In the series, we follow detective Stella Gibson who is chasing a serial killer (Jamie Dornan).

Happy Valley

And another British police series (yup, the British are really my favorite haha!). I once saw Happy Valley at the library as a DVD box, but then I noticed that it was also on Netflix so I decided to watch it there. In the two-season series, we follow Catherine, an elderly woman who works for the Yorkshire police. Her teenage daughter committed suicide 8 years ago. Her mother is convinced, however, that a boy called Tom has put her daughter there. When Tommy is released for a drug issue (he is never convicted of the suicide of her daughter) she wants to grab Tommy and let him pay for what he has done. A nice airy police series, without too much fuss.


Do you know a  good series to add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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