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Dare it, dream it, do it!

16 October 2017

Oh! I am so happy that I can finally publish this blog. Last weekend we celebrated Vincent’s birthday with a Greek theme. A great moment to tell our family and friends about our Greek dream that is coming true. Today is the time to bring the news to the rest of the world!


My dad always told me “Everybody’s dreaming Athina, but there are only a few people who dare to make their dreams come true”. I have seen how he dreamed a lot of years of a house on a Greek island and he made his dream, together with my mother, true. and I have always been very admired by that. Vincent and I have also had long talks about what dreams we had and we could find ourselves much in my father’s statement. We really want to make both of our lives an adventure! A few years ago, some dreams began to emerge and suddenly one suddenly came out, really suddenly. It has all gone very quickly, of course, we had discussed our dreams so often, but we never thought that one would come out as fast. However, last month there was a chance that we could not let go, so we did it.


dromen waarmaken


We bought a house on Karpathos!


The moment we really went to do I can remember very well. About a month ago we went to Naaldwijk ( a city near our home) to have my scooter repaired. We expected him to be in the garage all day, but it would take only an hour, so we decided to have a drink in the village. We had just ordered when my father called me: the house we always had a glimpse of was rewarded. Of course, it was all going to crumble again and we both thought the same: we should take this opportunity right now! From one on the other day there was contact with the buyer and with the bank and after much contact, the most important information came last week: the mortgage was agreed! What an amazing moment was for that for us. We were doing it, our dream of our own house on Karpathos became reality!



dromen waarmaken


Where are we standing now?

In the past month, we have been busy with the offer and requesting the mortgage and, as I said, the bank has now agreed to the mortgage. Now it’s actually waiting for all the paperwork to be alright. There is a lot more paperwork that needs to be done at a home abroad. Fortunately, my dad has a lot of knowledge so he does a lot for us (thank you, dad!). We assume that we are still busy for 1 to 2 months to arrange everything and then the transfer can take place officially. Exciting!


Are you leaving now to Greece?

No definitely not! Just see it as a holiday home for now. We will keep working and living in the Netherlands for now and we will spend the holidays on Karpathos and then we will see how the future is going to be. Maybe we’ll stay here, maybe we’ll live for 6 months a year on Karpathos. We’ll see.  Our first holiday in April or May will be a bit of a working holiday, because we want to work on a few things on the house. As much as possible we want to do by ourselves, it really has to be our project! We are really looking forward to it 🙂



For s far the great news. There will be more blogs about our house and more coming in time!


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