Planning to dive this summer, but do you have no idea what a good place to dive is? Or are you perhaps looking for a particular animal that you would like to see? I found this very useful website which gives you all the information!


Dive Report is a dive community and guide where you can find everything about diving. On a big world map, you can see all the destinations where you can go for a dive if you want to see wildlife. When you are looking for a certain animal, but you can also first choose your favorite location. For example, if you want to go to Cape Verde, you can click this place. Then you get an overview of the period in which animal species are here. That way you know exactly in which month you have to go to see it. As you can see in the picture below of Cape Verde, you have a lot of chance of seeing turtles, but also whales. Sharks are possible all year round, but the chance is not so big. 




I really like to browse the website where and when you can see which animals. So I took a look at Rhodes (photo above) because that is very close to Karpathos and what appears? There is a fair chance here to see basking sharks between June and August! So daddy if you read this: we can also just forget about South Africa and just go diving at Rhodes 😉



So far this travel tip. Have you ever dived and seen nice animals?


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