De 10 meestgestelde vragen over Karpathos (3)
The Karpathos guide

The 10 most frequently asked questions about Karpathos

15 October 2018

Are you going to Karpathos soon, but do you still have some questions? Then this blog is perfect for you! Friends and acquaintances who want to go to Karpathos often come to me for questions. Today I take the 10 most frequently asked questions and answer them with you. Is your question not included? Ask your question in the comment below the blog post, so I can answer him!


De 10 meestgestelde vragen over Karpathos (3)


Do I need to rent a scooter or car?

That choice is of course a bit of your own. A car is more expensive than a scooter and you can take more with you in a car. If you are with two people then a scooter is fine, but to rent 2 scooters if you are with 4, then, of course, a car might be better as well. On a scooter you have a bit more of a freedom feeling. Enjoying the wind in your hair that kind of stuff 😉  So the question is what you want and with how many people are you. What I really do find a disadvantage is the hard winds that Karpathos is familiar of, especially between Amoopi, Afiarti and Arkassa. That is the decisive reason for me for choosing a car, because with the strong wind a car is more safe.


Which beach can I not miss?

It would be the best to make a whole list for you haha! But If I need to choose one, Apella can’t be missed on your list. Truly the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. 15 years ago, the beach won the award for the most beautiful beach in Europe, and in my opinion, it is still number one!


Can you just use your card on Karpathos?

Yes and no. You can only get money from the ATM with your own debit card. The ATM can be found in the capital Pigadia and there is also one at the large supermarket in Arkassa. What isn’t usual is paying with your card in a restaurant. Almost everywhere you can only pay in cash, so keep this in mind. And there are only bills of 50 coming out of the ATMs. Therefore, I always choose to get some small bills of cash at the airport in the Netherlands to take with us.

* *Update 29/07 | There is also an ATM now in Lefkos and Olympos!**


Are the distances long between the different villages and beaches?

No, it is not! The distances are all fine. You can even drive the island around in one day 😉 Here’s a list of some distances:

Airport (Afiarti) – Pigadia | 25 minutes

Airport (Afiarti) – Arkassa | 20 minutes

Pigadia – Arkassa | 25 minutes

Pigadia – Amoopi | 15 minutes

Pigadia – Kyra Panagia | 30 minutes

Pigadia – Olympos | 1 hour and 10 minutes

Arkassa – Lefkos | 30 minutes


De 10 meestgestelde vragen over Karpathos (3)


Where can I eat the best Pita Gyros?

The real and most delicious pita gyros is served at Erasmias. This kind of take away restaurant is located on the corner of the taxi rank in Pigadia.


Where do I need to be for a nice drink at night?

Oh, I do have multiple favourites, but if I can only name one, then choose is for Stema bar in Arkassa. That is, in my opinion, really the best cocktail bar of the island. If you prefer to stay in Pigadia, I would recommend Anoi Bar or En Plo!


I have never eaten Greek before, what dishes can’t I miss?

Well here is a whole list: Moussaka, stifado, macarons, souvlaki, pita gyros, spanakopita, stuffed Bifteki, Greek Salad and do not forget the dessert loukoumades!


De 10 meestgestelde vragen over Karpathos (3)


Where can I watch the sunrise and sunset?

The sun rises can be watched on the eastern side of the island (Pigadia, Amoopi and Afiarti) and the sunset can be seen on the west side (Arkassa, Finiki and Lefkos). I can really recommend you to watch the sunset from Stema bar in Arkassa. Having a cocktail and enjoying the sunset is the best holiday cliché anyway, right?


Are there any nice tours I can do on the island?

Sure! For a race on a banana boat, you do not have to be here (thank god!). What you can do is windsurfing, mountain biking, climbing and yoga and on the beach at ION Club. In the capital Pigadia, you will find a company named Art and Walk, they also organise various activities including walks, quad tours and mosaic workshops. You can also go to different beaches by boat from Pigadia or visit the nearby Island Kassos. Enough to experience so 🙂


What is the best place for snorkelling?

I prefer to snorkel at Diakoftis (next to the airport), Apella or Kyra Panagia!



Isn’t your question included? Ask your question below. I’d like to answer him 🙂


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