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Flying with Eurowings: do or don’t?

27 June 2018

We tried en flew last holiday with Eurowings to Karpathos! We usually are not the type of people who book a budget flew because we prefer to choose good and safe better than budget, but the price difference is enormous and so we flew through Germany! But how was that trip with Eurowings and was that budget rate worth it? I’ll tell you in this blog.


This year we chose to do something different than normal. Last year we tried a cheaper option by flying with Aegean Air via Athens and that was fine. Last winter I found out that you could fly to Karpathos for a bargain directly through Cologne. When it was time to book for May I went to compare the prices and the difference was huge! With TUI and Sunweb we could get a return ticket for a direct flight from Amsterdam for € 450,- per person excluding luggage. When I checked the website of Eurowings I could buy a return ticket for only € 170, – including luggage, a seat and a snack&drink! The choice was then quickly made because parking at Cologne Airport was also a bargain, so the 3 hours drive and the petrol to Cologne was really no problem since we just saved around 600 euros!


Booking online

The website of Eurowings is in Dutch which is nice if you can book in your own language. You can book your flight directly on the homepage, which is also a +1. You can choose (depending on your flight) three packages: Basic, Smart, and Best. We chose Smart for ourselves. With a Basic package, you have a flight with hand luggage. For € 25, – euro more you can book Smart, where you can take 1 piece of baggage up to 23kg, choose a seat and get a snack with a drink in the plane. You can choose your places directly and paying is also easy with PayPal or credit card. I still can not believe that we just bought a return ticket for € 170, – p.p. with hand luggage, 1 luggage up to 23kg, a snack, drink and a place of our choice! But let’s not cheer too hard. We did not know anything about the flight yet 😉





I had prepared a little bit beforehand since I still think low budget gives you poor service and comfort. so I adjusted myself to the fact that we paid less and the service would be less as well. The flight, however, was 100% fine with us. The staff is nice, everything went smoothly and we had no delay. The snack and drink you can book may be a bit more extensive for me. We got a small slice of cake and a pack of water. Since you can consciously choose this as extra service, this may be a bit more. There is no entertainment on board, but that is not a problem and we also expected this already.


Flying with Eurowings: do or don’t?

I would definitely choose Eurowings again, given the price difference. I already booked two other flights for July and August with Eurowings to Karpathos. The company has a very good price-quality ratio and driving to Cologne is more than worth the savings! Only the departure time is a bit of a thing because it’s at 04.20. Which means you need to be at the airport in the middle of the night and we need to start driving around 23.00h so we can’t have some normal sleep. No problem if you go in a vacation for more then one week and since we can sleep quietly in our own house, it’s fine, but when you go for only a week and you sleep in a (busy) hotel you should considering choosing Eurowings. 


Have you ever flown with Eurowings? 


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