Gratis activiteiten op Karpathos
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6x Free activities which you can do on Karpathos

30 October 2018

There are a lot of free activities you can do on Karpathos when you are celebrating your holidays here. In this blog, I share 5 tips with you. Enjoy!


  • Kali Limni

The Kali Limni is the highest mountain on Karpathos. From the small town called Volada, you can hike to the top of the mountain. This will take around 3 hours (1,5 hour one way). Try to hike this path when it is not clouded. When you are at the top you can see both ends of the island. It would be a shame if you couldn’t see it because of the clouds…πŸ˜‰


  • Snorkelling

Snorkelling on Karpathos is so cool! There are so many different kinds of fishes in the sea. I’ve seen also stars, spiders, and snakes in the water already! Here you find the best places for snorkelling on Karpathos and here is a review about the Easybreath snorkel mask.


Gratis activiteiten op Karpathos


  • Olympos

Karpathos has beautiful villages in the mountains such as Volada, Pyles, and Aperi, but one of the most famous ones is Olympos. This village is still very traditional and here you will also find the women in traditional costume. During the day it has (unfortunately) become very touristy. So make sure that you are in the village before 11 am or go at the end of the day. Read more about our day in Olympos here.


  • Visiting Ruins

On Karpathos, you can find many relics from Roman times. Especially in Lefkos, Pigadia, and Arkassa, you will find a lot. The picture below is made by chance on the way to Apella beach. Go early, then it is not so hot when visiting the ruins, then you can cool off in one of the many bays later that day πŸ™‚Β 



  • Hiking with the app Karpathian Paths

On Karpathos, you can make beautiful walks. Is this one of the main reasons that you come to the island? Then go in April or October, it is not so hot and with occasional clouds is walking the best. If you are looking for a nice walking route then the Karpathian Paths appΒ is something for you! In this app there are 10 gorgeous hiking trails on Karpathos, varying from 1 to 7 hours of walking.


  • Going to the beach

Of free activities on Karpathos, this is perhaps a bit obvious, but still. Karpathos (and actually Greece in general) is known for its beautiful beaches! So you should definitely go to as many beaches as you can on Karpathos. Read here about the 5 most beautiful beaches on Karpathos.Β 


What’s your favourite thing to do on Karpathos?Β 



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