“There are two kind of people in the world. People that are Greek and people who wish to be Greek.”


This great quote comes from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the quote shows exactly how you feel after watching that movie. You wish you were Greek! But there are more movies where you get a lovely Greek feeling from. So take a seat on the couch tonight and watch one of these Greek movies!


Griekse films


Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

The beautiful Greek Cephallonia is shattered by the invasion of Italian soldiers. Captain Antonio Morelli is an indestructible type with a passion for the mandolin. He isn’t interested in the villagers and especially not in Pelagia, the daughter of the doctor. But then they have to share a home and they fall in love until they have to choose between solidarity to their country or their love for each other.


Mama Mia

Donna and her daughter Sophie live on a Greek island and have their own hotel. They are busy with arranging the wedding of Sophie, she is engaged to Sky. Sophie can’t live with the fact that she doesn’t know her dad and so he can’t be at her wedding. In her mother’s diary, she finds three potential dad’s and then invites all three to her wedding without her mother’s knowledge. Let’s hope that she will find her real dad.


My big fat Greek wedding #1

In Chicago lives a Greek woman named Toula together with her Greek family. But Toula is a bit of an outsider. She is 30 years old, not married and has no children. Then she meets the non-Greek Ian and tries to keep that a secret to your meddlesome, loud, Greek family!


My big fat Greek wedding #2

Toula and Ian are now married and have a daughter. They seem just as nosy as the rest of their Greek relatives. Then they find out that the parents of Toula aren’t officially married. Enough reason for another over Greek wedding!


My Life in Ruins

Georgia is not comfortable in her life and misses her ‘Kefi’. She does not know what she wants and works as a guide at a Greek travel agency in Athens. She tries to introduce unintegrated tourists with her beautiful homeland. Hopefully, they can find back her happiness …


Which one is your favorite?


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