The ultimate guide for surfing on Karpathos

Karpathos is the place to be for everyone who loves surfing! It doesn’t matter if you love windsurfing or kitesurfing, Karpathos is the place to be! The wind is strong and constant. Especially during July and August. In this surf guide, we’ll tell you about all the surf possibilities on Karpathos and give you some practical tips. Enjoy!


Surfing on Karpathos


Windsurfing on Karpathos

Karpathos is the hotspot for windsurfers. Because of the constant and strong wind, this is a true paradise. Many surfers come to Karpathos to surf for a few months. Partly because of the strong wind you’ll see a lot of professionals who are training on Karpathos. Who wants to windsurf must be in the village Afiartis. There you will find several stations including Ion club. Windsurfing on Karpathos is as well for pros as starters. Who wants to start with windsurfing can start at the beach called Chickenbay. This bay is perfect for beginners since it is really shallow. The professionals can be found at Devils Bay. If you want to so surfing you can rent the material for around € 25,- an hour.

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Windsurfen op Karpathos


Kitesurfing Karpathos

Although Karpathos is best known for the perfect windsurfing location, the island is certainly suitable for kitesurfing as well! Kitesurfing is also done on Karpathos in the town called Afiartis, but this beach is on the other side of the airport. If you want to go kitesurfing, this is possible at Big Dayz. You can rent equipment with them and they give lessons as well. For a complete set of equipment, you pay € 50,- per 2 hours.

Important | Although there are many kitesurfers on Karpathos, this island can still be a bit dangerous for surfing because of the hard and unexpected winds.


Can you practice ‘normal’ surfing on Karpathos as well?

‘Normal’ surfing (also called wave surfing) is not so popular on Karpathos. Apart from Arkassa, which is also pretty changeable, there are no beaches with high waves on Karpathos. Arkassa also called Agios Nikolaos has occasional waves, where you sometimes see a surfer but it is not Portugal or Bali with perfect waves. Is surfing really your thing, then it’s better if you choose another place.


Surfen op Karpathos


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Practical information

If you plan to go surfing on Karpathos during your holiday, then it is best to come in July or August. In this period the wind is almost every day in cash and the wind force quickly rises to about 6.7 and sometimes even 8 bft. Yet you can go to Karpathos for surfing from May to October. So if you are a beginner, or are satisfied with a wind force of 4-5 bft then the other months are also recommended.

The temperature of the water is of course not entirely unimportant! In May you will still need a wetsuit. The water is then about 19 degrees. In the high season, only a t-shirt should be ok, because the temperature is easily 26 degrees!



For those who are planning to go to Karpathos for surfing it is best to search for Afiartis accommodation. In this village, there are both the windsurfing and kite surfing stations. Many surfers choose to rent a house on Karpathos. So you still have everything at your disposal and it is usually cheaper than a hotel, especially if you can share the house with others. Through Airbnb you can look for a house, but also on there is a lot of choices.



Most holidaymakers who come purely for surfing to Karpathos often sleep in the immediate vicinity of the windsurfing or kite surfing beach. Still, it can be useful to rent a scooter, so you can do your own shopping and see some more of the island (which we certainly recommend!). When you surf at BigDayz you can use their daily shuttle between Afiartis, Amoopi and Pigadia. And although it is more expensive then a scooter or shuttle bus you can also choose to rent a car on Karpathos or maybe you can share it with other surfers😊


Travel insurance

Of course, it is always wise to purchase travel insurance, but always check this extra if you are planning to go surfing. With most travel insurance, surfing falls under ‘extreme sports’ and that usually falls outside the insurance.

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