Hiking on Karpathos with Art&Walk

Karpathos is known as a perfect destination for walking and nothing could be further from the truth! Especially in the months of April, May and October, it is nice to walk. The temperature is more pleasant and it is nice and quiet on the island.

You can, of course, go on an adventure and go hiking on Karpathos, but you can also opt for a walking tour met Art&Walk. This year we went hiking on Karpathos with them for the first time. Nice to get to know this company better, to discover Karpathos in a different way and to meet Renate & Thom 🙂

Wandelen Karpathos Art&Walk

About Art&Walk Karpathos

After 10 years on Karpathos, Reiny decided to say goodbye to her company Art&Walk. Fortunately, the company was not lost and was taken over this year by Renate & Thom. They will continue the business and participate in more beautiful things!

Art&Walk once started as a KidsArt club for children to be creative, now it has grown to be much more than that! At the moment they offer 9 different hiking tours. From walks through the villages, the valley of Pigadia to the mountains. The levels vary per walk, so there is something for everyone.

In addition to the hikes, you can also get started with art. There are also creative workshops with paint and mosaic in their beautiful garden and they also offer a day trip by boat to Kassos. Renate and Thom will, of course, go with you and tell you everything about this small island next to Karpathos.

Hiking on Karpathos: The Valley walk with Art&Walk

For us, it was our most active holiday ever (read: climbing, mountain biking and hiking to the Kali Limni) and so we decided to go for The valley walk of Art&Walk. This walk is about 7 km, but is easy to do, because it is nice and flat.

Normally the walk is in English, but we happened to have an entire Dutch group and so the whole tour was done in Dutch, nice and easy for us!

We started the walk at Auto Tour on the busy main road in Pigadia. It is striking that as soon as we go for a walk, after less than 5 minutes we no longer hear of the crowds in Pigadia! Renate briefly explains the walk and introduces us to the group. Then it’s time to start the walk.

Fine is that everyone can walk at his or her pace and can take photos. The group waits for itself and we regularly stop for a piece of storytelling from Renate. She tells about the olive trees in the valley of Karpathos, the postman’s bus in the grass and we walk past the new Karpathos water reservoir that is also in the valley.

Wandelen Karpathos Art&Walk

After a beautiful stretch through the valley, we arrive at a chapel that officially belongs to the village of Menetes. Renate tells us where the name of the village of Menetes comes from and we go into the chapel to light incense. Outside on the square of the chapel, it is time for a break. We drink fresh tea with herbs from the Karpathos valley.

After a cup of tea, it’s time to walk back in the direction of Pigadia. We walk a bit through the dry riverbed and then we stop for a moment at a beautiful, large olive tree. From here you can choose to climb a bit to see an old tomb in a cave, very special! From here you also have a nice view of Pigadia and the sea.

Downstairs Renate explains to us what the difference is between raki and ouzo and then a shot of raki should not be missing of course! We continue on to the house of Renate & Thom and also their garden where the creative workshops take place. Thom is already waiting for us and together we drink a cup of coffee and we chat afterwards.

Wandelen Karpathos Art&Walk
Wandelen Karpathos Art&Walk

Thanks to Renate & Thom for the fun morning!

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