Why Karpathos is the place to be for your honeymoon!

Greece is a destination that is often chosen when it comes to a honeymoon and that makes sense because it is very romantic, in Europe and (generally) affordable! In this blog, we tell you why Karpathos is a perfect island to celebrate your honeymoon! So are you getting married and planning the honeymoon? We tell you why Karpathos is the place to be and give accommodation tips¬†ūüôā


Why a honeymoon to Karpathos?

Karpathos is perfect for couples and therefore really suitable as a honeymoon destination. You will find the Greek island at about 3.5 hours flying from the Netherlands and it is located between the larger islands of Crete and Rhodes. The flying distance is perfect if you live somewhere in Europe! In addition, Karpathos is just a wonderfully romantic place for couples. The island is nice and quiet especially in May / June and from mid-September and has beautiful places to swoon away during a sunrise or sunset. Let’s also especially the beautiful¬†beaches on Karpathos not forgetting to give an extra romantic vibe to your honeymoon. In addition, of course, also very affordable in Greece. Okay, the plane tickets to Karpathos are a bit more expensive than to other Greek islands, but otherwise, the giant is not too bad! The accommodation you have in hand of course, but in terms of eating out or activities you do not have to worry, these prices are very affordable. With eating out, we usually pay about 25 euros with the two of us. A lot of activities do not have to cost anything like day trips to the beach, hiking, snorkelling etc!

6x Free activities on Karpathos


Huwelijksreis Karpathos Griekenland accommodatie


Accommodation for your honeymoon to Karpathos

Karpathos has a lot of nice accommodations to offer for a honeymoon. Assuming you are looking for something special, we have listed a number of accommodations for you! Each and every one of these beautiful places to make your honeymoon to Karpathos even more perfect!


Lux View Villas 

These beautiful villas can be found in the North of Karpathos, the beach of Kyra Panagia. The Lux View Villas are nice and private so you will not be disturbed by tourists who walk by. The villas have everything you need for a perfect honeymoon including a beautiful private pool/jacuzzi! On a short walk you have a number of beautiful beaches such as Kato Lako, but also Kyra Panagia, the beach with one of the most photographed churches in Greece can be found here. You will need a car to get here and to have diner in the evening.

Read here more about our stay at Lux View Villas 


Huwelijksreis Karpathos Griekenland accommodatie


Althea Boutique Hotel

Don’t you want to be in the middle of nowhere and just stay in a cosy village?¬†Althea Boutique Hotel¬†is maybe more your thing! This beautiful hotel is located in the village of Amoopi. Restaurants can be found here and the beaches are beautiful and easily accessible here. If you book a package to this hotel you do not necessarily need a car either. The bus just drives here.


Arpathea Villas

Just outside the village¬†Finiki, you’ll find¬†Arpathea Villas. These villas are of a decent size and have great privacy! They even have an infinity pool in the garden. Again, you are a bit more remote, so a car is necessary if you want to eat or go to the beach. Yet if you do not mind so much you could walk to the town of Finiki which is about 25 minutes walk.


Poseidon Hotel

At about 5 minutes from the airport, you will find Poseidon Hotel. This hotel is best known for the restaurant that goes with it. This is being run by a Dutchman with his Greek wife. Angela has participated in Masterchef Greece and the dishes here are so very different than you will find in a regular Greek taverna. The hotel mainly has standard rooms, but they have one special suite with a jacuzzi which is perfect for a honeymoon to Karpathos.

Read here more about Poseidon hotel op Karpathos


New accommodation 2019

In May 2019 there will be two very nice accommodations at Karpathos that are also perfect for a honeymoon. This is Theros Luxury Villas in Afiartis and Anassa Suites in Amoopi. Anassa Suites is from a Dutch woman, how nice is that! Be sure to take a look at the website of both spots, they are really beautiful. Vincent and I are planning to go and have a look at both this year, so you will hear more from us regarding this accommodation!



We are curious! Are you already married? Where did your honeymoon go?


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