How we bought a house on Karpathos and you can do too!

We are often asked how we bought a house on Karpathos. Logical too, it is something special, certainly at our age. Yet we do not see it as impossible. I think many people can do this too. Why? I tell you that on the basis of a number of points that have helped us. Enjoy!

Get your priorities straight

Many people quickly respond “I have no money for this or that” or “I have no time. Bullshit. You do have money and you also have time, you only set other priorities and that is fine, but that is something that you have to accept, and I understand that a house on Karpathos is not for everyone, but if you are going to set priorities, I think that a large part of the people could do this well For example, we do not live large in the Netherlands, just in an apartment complex, a starter home, but we were lucky with the housing market, where we have been living here again 4 years and 4 years ago, and interest rates were low. Yet if we were to live bigger now we would never have been able to pay for a house on Karpathos.

That does not mean that I never want a bigger house, but that means setting priorities. Because I know very well that a house on Karpathos and a small (er) house in the Netherlands is more important to me than a villa in the Netherlands (proof of speaking. I can’t afford a villa haha).

In this way you have to check with yourself (and your family) where your priorities lie. Do you really need that new car, for example? We have been driving the same first Vincent car for 6 years and we only have one car. Sure we would like a new one, but our priorities are somewhere else.

Karpathos 2019

… and be a little brave

Normally, of the two of us, I am the one who makes the most impulsive decision, but when buying our house on Karpathos, Vincent was right. Money was there and we wanted it so why not ?! Yet I was in the “Yes, but what if …” phase. Vincent stayed very cool in that, which I admire incredibly. What was the worst thing that could happen? also, could not afford it anymore .. Okay, you think that is fierce, but that is resolved very quickly by selling the house again, not nice, but resolved quickly.

Getting out of your comfort zone is extremely difficult. Certainly, because your environment is often inclined to put you back in again. By reflecting on the worst thing that can happen to you, you will certainly help you make that long-held decision. Because often the worst event is often not so bad, do you get over it or do what happens to you if you do it much harder than if you don’t do it.

Money, money, money!

Of course, you need money for a house on Karpathos, but you don’t have to be a millionaire for that. It’s not that we choke on the money and although Vincent has a well-paid full-time job, I didn’t work at the time due to illness. I still only work 13 hours a week. Just look openly at the options that exist, because there are plenty!

For example, do you have money on the bank? If you already have a nice amount in the bank it is smart to look at the reason for that money in the bank. Are you specifically saving for something? Is it just there? Consider whether you can miss the money now. Also, think about your priorities again! We had money saved for our future wedding day but thought that a house on Karpathos was a once in a lifetime. We would able to save that money for a wedding again later because we didn’t need it immediately.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a loan from a Dutch bank for a house in Greece. Something that is possible in for example Germany or France. However, you can arrange a loan through the bank for a house abroad, although in a different way, but still. You can borrow extra to your house in the Netherlands. You then increase your mortgage. The bank can give you this extra sometimes money when you have already repaid quite a bit, your wages have gone up or when there is surplus value on your house in the Netherlands. All the reasons why you could borrow more money from the bank. You can then use this money for a house on Karpathos, or wherever 😉

Yes! Hopefully, I have (a little) removed your stress, doubts and fear! Do you dream of a house on Karpathos or anywhere else in the world? Just do it. Sure you have to do this with common sense, but especially dare to live and especially consider: “What is the first thing that can happen?” And is that the worst thing then?

Dit vind je vast ook leuk!

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  1. Hey, great topic about that house you bought. Please followup on that, about taxes, monthly payments. Is someone taking care of it while you are at NL? Please gimme more, I wanna chase my dreams too 😉

    • Hi there! Thanks for your compliment and the advice! Will definitely choose these subjects for future blogs! For now: we don’t have someone who’s specifically looking after the house, but the island is small. So we have some people checking-in ones a while 🙂


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