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Karpathos 2019 | New plans for our vacation, Greek home + our blog!

14 January 2019

Yess! 2019 has started and that means a whole new year to make new memories of Karpathos. In this blog, we tell you about our vacation plans, our house and plans for our blog. Enjoy!


Vacation plans for Karpathos 2019

Yess! Of course, we will go to Karpathos again in 2019! At the beginning of December, we already booked both holidays 🙂 It will still take a few months (read: 5 months!), But then we will go to Karpathos for the first time this year! In June we will go with our friends for two weeks. We met Alwin and Renee last year during a Vespa Trip through Italy and that was so nice that we see each other regularly and they even come to ‘our island’ this year! We are so excited to show them all our favourites and to just enjoy. There are already some nice things planned, for example, we planned a stay together at Lux View Villas. (@ Alwin&Renee Thanks for this gesture!) In September we go 3 weeks to Karpathos, wonderful at the end of the season! Last year we went to Karpathos twice in full crowds and we noticed that that was not really our thing. We have therefore chosen to enjoy Karpathos outside the high season this year.


Our Greek house

Our house on Karpathos is basically finished, which means that we can stay there, but we still want to refurbish a few things. So that’s what we will do in 2019! For example, the stones around our house are surrounded by cement. We would like to paint this white. We have already done our balcony and it really gives a new, fresh look right away!

In addition, the beds in the house are already quite old. I think they are now 15 years old. Great to sleep on for 1 or 2 weeks, but if you stay longer you will really notice your lower back. We discovered that last summer haha! The bed downstairs is 140cm wide and we prefer a larger bed. We, therefore, go for a bed of 160cm. Upstairs there is a bunk bed. We are going to remove the bottom part of the bunk bed, there is a bed of 140cm when we get lodges. We simply leave the top bed as an extra. We order through Ikea Athens, which is super easy. You just order what you want and by boat, it will be delivered to the island. You can then pick it up or have it delivered at home. Super convenient!

We have not done much on our garden last year. We would like to put in some new plants, so that everything can grow nicely and we, like our neighbours, have a nice garden 😉


Karpathos 2019

Our first holiday together to Karpathos was in 2012! Now in 2019, we have our own house here ♥


Blog plans for 2019

Vincent had a nice Christmas holiday and during the holidays we brainstormed a lot about our Karpathos blog. We have gained a lot of new ideas for this year so that we can give you even more tips. For example, we want to go for a walk with Renate and Thom from Art&Walk and we would like to do a boat trip from Karpathos to Kassos and then Crete! There will be still a new blog post every Monday on our website and of course, you can stay up-to-date via our social media channels. We would also like to ‘vlog’ a little more during our vacation. No vlogs for Youtube, but vlogging via Instagram stories! We both find it a bit scary, but also very nice, so we’re going to try it this year! We are going to provide some more content on our Youtube channel. For example, Athina will be working on two great travel video of Karpathos again and Vincent will work on some beautiful sound recordings of different beaches!

Would you like to see something this year on our blog or social media channels? Let us know! More inspiration is always welcome!



We are curious! When are you going to Karpathos in 2019? Maybe we’ll see each other, we love to meet! 🙂


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    27 January 2019

    Hello Athina and Vincent!
    Good luck with your new home, life in Karpathos and the new web site. Karpathos is a wonderful little island! I was there about six years ago, hope to visit again in the near future.
    All the best

    • Reply


      27 January 2019

      Thank you 😀 We will not move to Karpathos though. We stay in the Netherlands, it is only for vacations (for now)! Hopefully, you’ll be able to visit Karpathos soon as well!


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