Karpathos on a budget | This is how to do that

Although Karpathos is not the most expensive Greek destination, it is certainly not the cheapest due to the flight ticket that is usually pretty high. How and what can you save? In this blog, I give you my tips!


Airplane tickets

When people are really looking for a budget holiday to Greece, I noticed they were getting tired of it. Flight tickets to Karpathos are simply incredibly pricey. Yet there are some options that make it cheaper! So you can of course (if this is possible with your work) see if you last-minute a holiday to Karpathos can score. Usually 2 to 3 weeks in advance you can still make a chance on fine prizes via TUI or Sunweb! If you want to have recorded everything in advance, then look for a flight through the country Germany. Via Germanwings (Düsseldorf) or Eurowings (Cologne), you can usually get a return ticket for less than 250 euros! Are you really early in the season and you are quick then you are ready for € 170, – per person! For us, for example, it’s a 3 hours drive to Cologne, but since the tickets are so cheap, this is for us the best option!



You will have to figure out a bit whether it is more advantageous for you to book a flight and hotel as a package or not. If you have not found a last-minute or other offer, separate books are usually cheaper. On Karpathos, the accommodation is fortunately not expensive. Especially in May, early June and late September you can easily see a room for +/- € 30,- per night. Personally, I prefer to use booking.com to see which accommodation is the cheapest for the period I want. You can also search perfectly for your wishes such as swimming pool, number of stars, breakfast yes or no, distance from the beach etc.


Goedkope vakantie Karpathos


Transport on the island

The cheapest, of course, is not to rent a car, but to be honest, on Karpathos that is really a shame. There are so many beautiful places to see. You can choose to visit Karpathos in May or from mid-September, then it is quieter and the prices for car rental are also a lot cheaper. Booking on time and sending an email to the company can always save a few euros! And of course you do not have to rent a car every day, you can also do a few days.


Food and drinks

Greece has, in my opinion, the best kitchen and the food in Greece is very affordable. At Karpathos, you can have dinner for less than € 15, – p.p and it’s delicious. To pay attention to the costs you can choose to get a fresh sandwich at the bakery instead of having lunch at a taverna.


Goedkope vakantie Karpathos



Fortunately, you can have a great holiday on Karpathos without having to book all kinds of activities. Beaches and villages you can all visit and walking is, of course, free as well 😉 If you still want to do some activities, then the prices are not too bad. For € 25, – p.p. you have a nice day trip by boat to various beaches including lunch.


Of course, we all want as cheaply as possible on holiday, but remember that experience is often more important than money. It would be a shame if you get regret things at home because you have not been able to see certain beaches because of the omission of a car because you wanted to go on a cheap holiday.


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