Go for an unforgettable holiday to Karpathos!

Holidays to Karpathos are fantastic! Delicious get away with your partner, family of friends. Away from normal life at home. Peace, beautiful beaches and a cozy vibe are central. Yet it is sometimes difficult to connect with a holiday destination. There is often so much choice when it comes to airline tickets, accommodation and hotspots that it is sometimes difficult to find what is really past with you.

Don’t panic, just siga, siga.

I would like to help you! Together we bring your unique vacation into the picture, so that you can optimally enjoy!

Why Karpathos

I remember well that Vincent and I went back to Italy a few years and ended up on the beach of Pisa. What a rush! There were all sellers walking around, you couldn’t turn your ass around, parts of the beach were closed off especially for beach tents and you couldn’t leave your things to go into the sea. I thought it was terrible.

Then we felt blessed again. That we can enjoy ourselves intensively on Karpathos. Where we just can’t snorkel together without having to look at our stuff on the beach. Something very simple actually, which you do not consciously appreciate, until it is not possible.

Another thing is breakfast. I have greatly appreciated the breakfast on our balcony on Karpathos. Cicadas, an airplane that lands, the sun that you feel warmer and that beautiful coastline. While enjoying fresh orange juice and a sandwich. How did I come to that appreciation? As a child, my parents and I hardly spent the night in hotels. We slept like in an apartment complex and later in our own house. I was totally not used to having breakfast with others in a hotel. That just came in when I went to Rhodes with Vincent and we had to wait to have breakfast 😉

And so I can continue with small, normal things that make Karpathos special to me. Windsurfing, the viewpoints and all the different beaches that are all unique. Full moon is also beautiful on the island, then the moon is blood red, every full moon. And I still love it when the fighter jets fly over our house again!  

A carefree holiday destination is what Karpathos would describe in an easy way. Yet it is not that easy. Karpathos releases a certain feeling. The kefi I mentioned earlier. Many repeaters will confirm that;). No stress, everything siga, siga and really enjoy the island.  

Karpathos is waiting for you if you recognize yourself in the above. Let me help you make beautiful memories!


After your customized travel advice...

→ You no longer have to search for hours on the internet, I did that!

→ Are all tips and information tailored to your ideal vacation

→ Can you really connect with the island of Karpathos

→ No more scrolling through Tripadvisor without finding what you are looking for

→ You can make beautiful memories

Let’s make lifetime memories!

Hi Athina! I thought I’ll just send you a message now. Just to give a compliment! What do you / you do very well and well! I follow you with great pleasure. It is always fun and interesting to read what you post. Now also the personal travel advice, super good !! – D

I went looking for nice tips for our vacation and came up with your website. What an amazing tips! The holiday jitters have already started! Thank you for that! – V

Athina helped me a lot with tailor-made travel advice. We had quite a few demands and also in a very busy period (which we were of course far too late with) … But Travelbyheart knows how to handle it! She managed to find the most beautiful villas for us that fully met our requirements. In addition, a tailor-made customized advice with things we could do there. Great if you don’t have the time, the sense or the knowledge to find out everything about the island yourself. Athina has listened entirely to our wishes and has put together the perfect trip. Thank you! ♥ – Valerie

The Karpathos travel advice is something for you if…

√ You want an unforgettable vacation for you and your company

√ You really want to connect with Karpathos and not just want to go on holiday

√ You want an adventure on the island and you want to see the most beautiful hotspots

Karpathos travel advice

Package 1


  • Qestionnaire, go get to know you and your prefferences
  • Personal travel tips
  • Answered all your questions
  • 1-3 flight options (depending on your wishes)
  • 3 accommodation that matches your wishes
  • Information about transportation on Karpathos

Karpathos travel advice

Package 2


  • Qestionnaire, go get to know you and your prefferences
  • Personal travel tips
  • Answered all your questions

Why would you outsource your planning?

From experience I know how stressful it can be to look for information about your next holiday destination. Often you scour the entire internet without really finding anything concrete. Find something that really suits your ideal vacation. Logical too, you have never been there. So I can help you with that.

I have been coming to Karpathos for 15 years now and therefore have a lot of experience with the island. I also have contact with locals who know even more ins and outs. Thanks to my experience and based on your wishes, I can see exactly what suits you. This way we make a perfect holiday plan for you!

Why do I have to fill in a questionnaire?

I want to get to know you! Based on your wishes that we discuss, I will get to work for you!

When do I receive my personal tips and information?

After receiving the questionnaire you will receive your customized advice within 1 week.

How do I receive the tips and information?

You will receive a nice e-book in PDF with all information.

Is your advice any different from your blogs?

Of course! First, I don’t write all my tips and experiences on my blog. In addition, the tips I write are general. With this travel advice I look specifically at your situation. What do you need? Customized advice!

How can I order your customized travel advice for Karpathos?

You can fill in the contact form below. After receiving your request you’ll get all the information, questionnaire and billing. Once I received the last two I am going you work on your personal e-book for Karpathos!

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Boat trip to Saria, Karpathos

Disclaimer | The Karpathos customized travel advice is purely advice. The trip is not booked for you, you will have to do this yourself and we not responsible for your trip.