Looking back at Karpathos 2018 | The best articles and most beautiful photos

Today it is already December 29!  We have only 3 more days and then 2018 is gone, it went so fast! 2018 has brought a lot of special things for us and in this blog, we want to look back on this with you. Enjoy!


2018, you were so special to us!

This year was a very special year for us. Of course, that had everything to do with the purchase of our house on Karpathos. In 2017 we let you know through this blog that we were busy with the purchase and in May 2018 we went to our house on Karpathos for the first time to work on it. Athina also went to Karpathos with friends and together we went in September again 3 weeks to our island, which Vincent’s parents also went for 10 days.

Our blog was a nice growth area in 2018. We recently passed the 500 followers on Facebook and on Instagram we are already talking about the 1ooo! Very nice to see that everyone is so interested in Karpathos and our stories. For the new year, we are working hard to see how we can grow even bigger by providing you with even more cool content. Do you have tips or would you like to see something on our site? Leave a message in the comments!

A beautiful thing has also taken place in our private life. As some who know us better, I, Athina, have been chronically ill for almost 3 years. In January 2017 I, unfortunately, had to stop working because my body just could not handle it. Unfortunately, they have not been able to discover anything until now, but it is generally a bit better, as long as I take a lot of rest and listen to my body. Since September 2018 I have been working for two days now! I like the job very much and fortunately, two days works out fine for me!

All positive moments, which we are very grateful for 🙂



Most read articles in 2018

In 2018 we wrote weekly a blog for you and these were the ones you all liked the most (in random order):


The most gorgeous photos of Karpathos 2018

In 2018 we have been working to make our photos of even better quality. Not just shoot a picture, but really look what the most beautiful composition would be. In addition, we also started editing our photos to make them even more beautiful. Very cool to see that it works! We get a lot more compliments about our photos and on Instagram, we see a clear growth of followers, likes and reactions, we are very happy! Thanks for sharing your love!

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Diakoftis beach, Karpathos | Greece

We took this picture at Diakoftis beach, which is located behind the airport of Karpathos. It was taken at the beginning of May. In this period there are no umbrellas, beach beds or people on Diakoftis beach. A big difference with the high season, when this beach is flooded by people.

Karpathos 2018 Diakoftis


Olympos, Karpathos | Greece

This year we visited for the first time the traditional village of Olympos on Karpathos. We were always a bit hesitant to visit this village. It is very beautiful, but also full our tourists. We decided to go there very early and we were able to discover the village in peace and quiet. Really worth it as you can see from this photo:

Karpathos 2018 Olympos


Kyra Panagia, Karpathos | Greece

Jup, Kyra Panagia remains one of the best views. This photo was your favorite over all and is therefore also a header on our website about Karpathos.

Karpathos 2018 Kyra Panagia


Kyra Panagia, Karpathos | Greece

This one of Kyra Panagia is of course beautiful and is beautiful in our Instagram feed.

Karpathos 2018 Kyra Panagia


Kyra Panagia, Karpathos | Greece

What an Instagram worthy photo isn’t it?! haha, it takes some effort, but then you have something right 😉 I saw a similar photo on Instagram last year and I liked it so much! For the picture, Vincent needed to climb on a rock which was in already deep water. We think he made about 100 photos, from which this, among other a few more, was one of the best! The effort for the photo was definitely worth it because you showed a lot of love for this photo!

Read also: Snorkeling on Karpathos

Karpathos 2018


Karpathos | Greece

You’ll fall in love with this! A beautiful old – but newly painted – window, just along the road! You can find it on the left side of the road when you drive from Finiki in the direction of Lefkos.


Little Amoopi, Karpathos | Greece

One of our favorite beaches in May! When it is not so hot, you are already enjoying yourself here and it is also very quiet. Perfect for snorkeling, relaxing on an air mattress or go for a dive of the rocks 😉

Karpathos 2018 Amoopi


Araki beach, Karpathos | Greece

We discovered this beach only this year. It is pretty remote and the dirt road to this beach is quite long. Athina stranded here with friends after they took another route. A lovely beach, where the beds are not even filled even in August. Wonderful for snorkeling!

Karpathos 2018


Apella beach, Karpathos | Greece

Yes, what can we say about Apella? Everyone knows it by now and even though the beach is very crowded in high season, it remains one of the most beautiful beaches on Karpathos. Do you really want to go to this beach in a quiet moment? Then go for the beginning of May or mid-October. The umbrellas and beach beds are not there yet and it is wonderfully quiet.

Karpathos 2018 Apella


Dear followers of Travel by heart,

Thanks for all the support the past year. Thanks for the reaction(s) you placed and the likes you gave! By your interest in us (and by showing this!), We have grown rapidly in 2018 and we hope that in 2019 much more to be done. For now, we wish you a wonderful New Year Eve! Cheers at many beautiful moments and wonderful holidays to Karpathos of course! 😉

Love, Vincent & Athina

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