Lost luggage? Nobody wants that! Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to do. In this blog, you read all ins and outs.


Are you sure you are at the right baggage claim and all luggage is dropped? Then, unfortunately, your luggage is lost. Report this directly to the service desk, the relevant airline or to your tour operator. Make sure you have your boarding pass and your baggage ticket at hand (the ticket you get when you check in your suitcase). You will receive a PIR (Property Irregularity report) form, which you must complete. Are not their stuff in your suitcase, but also your travel companion? Let him or she fill in a form! A possible compensation is paid per person. Request a copy of the form or take a clear picture of it with your mobile.



Depending on the airline or tour operator, they may give you a fee for lust luggage. This can be, for example, an X amount per person per day to buy some important items such as clothing and toiletries. Always check the conditions with the airline, because it may be that after 48 hours the amount will be higher. Always contact your travel insurance.

If your suitcase is really lost (after 3 weeks this applies) then you are entitled to a compensation of +/- € 1300, -. It is possible that you do not fully pay the airline. Check if you are still entitled to supplement from your travel insurance.




Keep these tips in mind!

  • Always make sure that you have checked a pocket piece in your name for whom you have booked your luggage! If you lose your luggage, it will cause problems if the suitcase has been checked in in a different name.
  • Go for a colorful suitcase, so you can be sure that someone else does not accidentally take your suitcase with you.
  • Always remove old luggage stickers.
  • Provide a ticket with your name and telephone number (including country code) and address.
  • Do you travel with a company and do you have more than 1 suitcase? Then divide the stuff. If you have one lost luggage, you will still have clothes and other stuff in the other suitcase.
  • Take things that are valuable to you in your handbag. So I always take my medication, camera, and bikini in my trolley.



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