Looking for the ultimate cheat meal? Try lukumades in Athens!


Forget the Mac Donalds, Dunkin’ Donuts and Ben&Jerry’s. For the ultimate cheat meal, you go to Athens! The ultimate cheat meal is by far the traditional Greek lukumades. And the very best you can eat in Athens. This snack is so good (… and so bad, but that doesn’t matter) that it must be for sure on your cheat meal list. Want to know what lukumades are? Keep on reading!




What are lukumades?

I noticed that we all know that churros come from Spain and that Italy is famous for its ice cream. But there are only a few people who have heard of the Greek treat lukumades. And that’s so wrong because it’s so good! But what is it exactly? Well for us Dutchies it is quite easy to compare because we have the treat ‘oliebollen’. But explaining in English is a bit more hard for me because it isn’t really comparable to something. Lukumades are made of a certain kind of dough, from the dough they make small balls and then they are fried. Original lukumades are served with honey and cinnamon.



In the heart of the cosy Plaka in Athens you will find the lukumades cafe. A really nice little place from what the first view can say. The cafe is open and you see immediately how everything is made. You can sit inside, but there are also nice couches in the street where you can take a seat. Cozy! But more important: what about the lukumades? Well, they serve them here and not just the original recipe. You can also let them fill. With banana cream or praline for example. And you can put white chocolate sauce, Oreo crumbs or praline over it. Oh, and you can also take a big scoop of ice cream. For example, Kinder Bueno or Nutella. And with your lukumades you can take a Frappe or a typical Greek coffee! Don’t like coffee? No panic! They also have tea, water or beer.




What about those calories?

Yes, lukumades are too many calories, but it is delicious! Wanna bet? I think that this portion above is about 1200 calories! Oh well, I learned that you do not gain weight after one day of too much food. get too much food for a day too much. So just enjoy your lukumades! Are you going to try them?


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