Mountain biking on Karpathos with ION

October has arrived and finally it was time to go mountain biking on Karpathos. Those who follow us on Instagram have seen that this had already been planned, but unfortunately it did not happen twice. The first time because of the clouds and the other time, because I was in bed with a migraine.

Unfortunately, but today was the day! With a lot of sense and a little bit of panic (mountain biking on Karpathos is nothing compared to cycling in our flat Netherlands!) We went to Pigadia this morning. First breakfast at En Plo and then on to ION.

Mountainbiken Karpathos

Mountain biking on Karpathos

When you go mountain biking on Karpathos you start the tour at the ION Club store in Pigadia. We too start here where we meet Jirka and Nick. Jirka is our guide. He knows the most beautiful places in Karpathos and regularly explores the island while biking. Nick photographs for ION and is with us for taking photos. Perfect, because that saves me a lot of hassle and so I can concentrate on mountain biking.

After finding the right mountain bike and helmet, it’s time for a lesson in mountain biking. How do those gears work and how do you cycle on something like that ?! Fortunately, Jirka knows everything and so we can travel safely.

Church route

There are different routes that you can choose to drive. We’ve done a bit of a hodgepodge. We started with the Church route. This starts just outside the center of Pigadia and then mountain biking towards Amoopi and Menetes. As the route says, you make a beautiful route past around 12 churches on Karpathos. You really pass the most beautiful viewpoints and see Karpathos in a completely different way. Just like when walking on Karpathos, beautiful!

We do not drive the Church route completely, because Jirka shows us something else towards the end. There are also some mountain bike trails for the real pros. Height, curves, wooden bridges, you name it! A part is already finished, but it must become much larger.

Some practical information

Vincent in particular was a big fan of mountain biking. His condition is also better than mine haha! I thought the route was beautiful, but I also thought cycling was pretty scary. You drive part on asphalt and another part on unpaved roads. Especially down I thought this was scary because you are going super fast. And with brakes you have to watch out, because of all the loose stones on the road. Ah well, I quietly followed Vincent and Jirka who seemed to have no problem with it.

It is important to keep in mind that mountain biking is very different from cycling in the Netherlands. I would therefore recommend most to go for the easiest route or possibly the Church route. This has a few heavy parts up, but you will also go down several times.

Good shoes and a comfortable outfit are a must. And don’t forget to bring water!

Moutainbiken Karpathos
Moutainbiken Karpathos
Moutainbiken Karpathos

About ION Club on Karpathos

ION Club is a company that has established itself in several parts of the world. The company mainly offers wind and kite surfing activities, but since a few years they have also been engaged in other activities. Looking for sporting activities on Karpathos? ION Club is the place to be!

They once started with windsurfing, but now ION Club on Karpathos is much more than that. They offer yoga classes, climbing and mountain biking. Every week they also have barbecue parties, where everyone is welcome.

Do you want to know more about ION? Check their website

Dit vind je vast ook leuk!


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Mountain biking on Karpathos with ION

October has arrived and finally it was time to go mountain biking on Karpathos. Those who follow us on Instagram have...