My thoughts on a carefree holiday on Karpathos

Yesterday I was working on module 2 of a course that I am taking for my company. For one of the assignments, I went looking for trends about ​​travel for 2019. One of the trends for this year would be that people are increasingly looking for a destination for a carefree holiday. Away from stress and worry.

When I read this trend I felt a lump in my throat. This trend really touched me emotionally. This is exactly how I see Karpathos. A beautiful island to feel carefree. Feeling intensely happy and above all: away from all stress.

A carefree day to the beach on holiday

Since I have been coming to Karpathos since I was 9 years old, I think I am quite spoiled (and my parents too, they have ruined me they always say haha!). Karpathos is such a really special luxury that I have been able to spend all my vacations here since then. I remember well when Vincent and I went to Italy in 2017. We went on a Vespa Trip through Tuscany and there was a day when we went sunbathing on the beach of Pisa. What a disaster, what a rush! It was one crazy house. Parts of the beach were closed. You were only allowed to sit here if you paid for the beach club that was behind it. There were sellers everywhere with junk and we could go into the sea with just the two of us because we were really forced to keep an eye on our things. No carefree holiday at all.

Then we both felt it. How spoiled we are in a positive way. In Karpathos, I have never looked up to my stuff that I took to the beach in all those years. No matter how much we were on the beach, everyone could go swimming at the same time and you really don’t have to hide your wallet. In Italy, we only felt how normal the carefree holiday was for us. Something that we have not consciously appreciated all these years, but which certainly should.

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A simple but important breakfast

Something that I have been aware of for a few years is the luxury of having your own house in Karpathos and especially in the area of ​​breakfast in peace. That awareness, too, did not come naturally. I first had to stand in line at a crowded hotel in Rhodes for breakfast before it dawned on me. And when you think about it, is it actually becoming too bizarre for us to pay to sleep somewhere and then stand in line for breakfast? In that respect, I prefer to spend the night somewhere and then get a sandwich at the local bakery.

Since then I enjoy breakfast on Karpathos much more every day when we are there. We have fresh bread, press our own fresh gravy and enjoy our breakfast in peace. In the meantime, you can feel the sun more and more irritating on your skin, because it gets warmer every minute. The cicadas make a noise and we overlook a beautiful coastline. What else do you want? This is how a carefree holiday should start!

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There are many more things that give Karpathos such a wonderfully carefree feeling. A carefree holiday. Something that we should appreciate much more at this time, because how wonderful it is to take a break from our busy life that is on 24/7 …

What makes a holiday carefree for you?

Dit vind je vast ook leuk!

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