Naturist beaches on Karpathos | Is it allowed and if so, where?

Naked sunbathing and swimming doesn’t fit me. Just because I am one, too prude and two, because then I can not see how brown I got during our vacation ;). Nevertheless, there are people who do love the nudist reaction. But is it allowed in Greece? And are there any naturist beaches on Karpathos?

The laws and regulations in Greece

The Greek laws and regulations are actually very short and concise about this. Nude recreation in public is prohibited throughout Greece. Over the years they have become more open in Greece for nudist recreation and therefore there are some official beaches on several islands in Greece. Also on islands where there are no recognized nudist beaches (yet), there are sometimes beaches (often difficult to reach and out of sight) where nude sunbathing is tolerated. Important to know is that the official beach beaches in Greece can be combined. It is a beach where nudist recreation is allowed, but where you can also come with your swimwear on.

Naaktstranden op Karpathos

Naturist beaches on Karpathos

There are hardly any naturist beaches on Karpathos, at least not officially. In the village called Afiartis (where the airport is), you will find one official beach. This beach is called Gypsy beach and is quite unknown. The beach is about 400 meters from the famous Damatria beach, where Poseidon hotel & restaurant is located. If you drive past Poseidon you can take a left on an unpaved road. Drive it all the way down until you come across a staircase to the beach. This is Gypsy beach. From 2019 Poseidon will ensure that there are also clear signs so that people know that this is one if the naturist beaches on Karpathos. Still, there are several beaches on Karpathos where nudity is tolerated. For example, you can go to Amoopi if you want to go naked, but also on the beach Kato Lako and one of the last beaches in Lefkos (go on the unpaved road) you see nudist now and then. Behind the airport, you will find several beaches where nude sunbathing is tolerated as well. Although it is not allowed under Greek law, it does happen, that ok. Please, not that because – besides one official beach – there are no official naturist beaches on Karpathos, there will also be dressed guest here.

Pay attention. Keep in mind that most Greeks do not like nudity (including topless!) on beaches. Especially on weekends, when many Greeks are free and go to the beach, I recommend to keep your wear your swimsuits or to look for a private beach. Please respect the locals.

Other islands

Naturist beaches on Karpathos aren’t there except for one official. Do you really like to go on vacation to sunbathe and swim naked? Then you better go to one of the other Greek islands. You will find many nudist beaches on Crete and on the islands of the Cyclades (for example Mykonos). Also on Zakynthos, you can find several nudist beaches and there is even a naturist hotel.

Do you like to visit a naturist beach on Karpathos?

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