5x our favourite restaurants on Karpathos

Although many people may think that we cook a lot ourselves with our own house on Karpathos, nothing is further from the truth. We actually go out every evening in one of the many restaurants that Karpathos is rich. It is also for us just vacation;) When we go together with my parents we sometimes eat at home, because my mother loves to cook. Tasty souvlaki with a Greek salad and we also like to eat home-made pita sandwiches.

Although we often go out for dinner, we do not eat very diverse. When you often arrive at one destination (many will recognize themselves in this!), You will end up in a fixed pattern. We have a few restaurants on Karpathos that we love and visit them during the holidays a few times. For the blog we now try to try something different every now and then so that we can inform you again. But it still remains a bit one-sided … 😉

5x restaurants on Karpathos

We regularly receive private messages with questions where you should eat according to us and also last week it was hit again. That’s why we thought it would be fun to share our favorite restaurants on Karpathos with you. The 5 restaurants below are all different and are our favorites!

En Plo – Pigadia, Karpathos

If you see En Plo, you may not think you are equal to a restaurant to dine in the evening. We also understand. It looks more like a café / bar where you can go for a drink. Yet nothing is further from the truth, En Plo is really suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner! At En Plo they serve very diverse dishes and not necessarily Greek. Fine, because it is nice to eat differently we think! En Plo is for us:

  • Gezellig, goed personeel
  • Lekkere cocktails (Happy hour tussen 17.00 en 19.30)
  • Goede burgers en sandwiches
  • Yoghurt ontbijt (yoghurt met vers fruit, honing en walnoten, YUM!)

Four Seasons – Amoopi, Karpathos

Four Seaons is our favourites restaurant in the village Amoopi on Karpathos. First, we always have a drink at Tom van Skala bar and then we go to the Four Seasons food. A cosy place with simple, but good Greek dishes. Especially their fresh bread with onions is really delicious! Four Seasons is for us:

  • Cosy restaurant and good stuff
  • Fresh dishes besides the menu
  • Their fresh homemade Karpathian bread

Kipos – Arkassa, Karpathos

For us Kipos is really the number # 1 among the restaurants on Karpathos. The name of the restaurant already lives up to its name. Kipos means garden and that is what the restaurant looks like. They have a nice kitchen. Greek dishes, but just a different touch. Kipos is for us about:

  • A beautifu location and good staff
  • Greek dishes, but with a different touch
  • Every day fresh dishes
  • Try the alcoholic drink ‘Kipan-gria’

Read here more about Kipos restaurant in Arkassa, Karpathos

Mesogios – Pigadia, Karpathos

Mesogios restaurant can be found at the port of Karpathos in Pigadia. The restaurant has recently been painted, but in the past, it used to be a restaurant with lots of blue. Typical Greek, that was also the reason we went to eat there for the first time, which is already a long time ago. Mesogios has a lot of dishes and is known for the Greek tapas, mezzes. They also have fresh dishes every day. Mesogios for us:

  • Good staff (every funny haha!)
  • Every day fresh dishes (from +/- 15.00h via Facebook you can see these already)
  • Spanakopita is the best
  • Whole or half chicken every Friday and Saturday

Poseidon – Afiartis, Karpathos

Poseidon restaurant is just around the corner from our home. The restaurant (and hotel) is located at the Damatria beach in Afiartis. This restaurant on Karpathos is run by a Dutch sommelier and his Greek wife. She participated a few years ago in Masterchef Greece and you can see that in the dishes as well. All dishes are very special. The prices here are a lot higher than in the other restaurants on Karpathos, but Poseidon is certainly a good choose for a special evening or to celebrate something. Poseidon means for us:

  • Special dishes
  • For a special night or to celebrate something
  • Chicken nest is my favourite dish
  • Lamb & pork from the oven on Sunday (you should make a reservation for this)

Under the trees – Finiki, Karpathos

If you’re looking for a nice restaurant for lunch when you’re on Karpathos then Under the trees is recommended! This restaurant has a fantastic spot with beautiful views. The location is recognizable on the blue bench along the road, where many people stop for a photo. Before the blue bench on the left side (seen from Finiki in the direction of Lefkos) you will find Under the trees. This spot has a small menu, but is so tasty! We stopped here for a slice of bread and souvlaki and that was so good! Under the trees for us means:

  • Cozy stopover
  • For a simple, but delicious lunch
  • Souvlaki sticks are the best here

What’s your favorite restaurant on Karpathos?

Dit vind je vast ook leuk!


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