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Update #2 | Our house in Greece

28 February 2018


About 4 months ago, there was the moment that Vincent and I told you that we took the first step in our dream: we bought a house in Greece – and how could it be otherwise – on Karpathos. Our bid was accepted at the beginning of September and mid-October, the bank agreed to the mortgage. Now 4 months later we are still in process, so therefore now an update!

I waited a long time for a new update. Honest: I assume that I could let you know in the short term that everything would be complete, but that took longer than expected and therefore this update in between. We found out that a purchase in Greece is very different than in the Netherlands. Fortunately, it goes via a Dutch company called Elxis, that makes it something again. But in the Netherlands, buying a house is simply different. When we bought our house here in the Netherlands we had 6 weeks to get our mortgage. After those 6 weeks, we immediately signed and could directly move in.


huis in Griekenland


huis in Griekenland


What is it that takes so long now?

From our side, everything was arranged pretty quickly. The mortgage was agreed quickly and the only thing we had to arrange after that was to authorize a Karpathos lawyer so that he can sign the contract for us in the winter because in it is very difficult to fly to Karpathos during this period and it also cost a lot of money. An additional advantage: my parents went to Karpathos in September, so they had arranged this.

So now we are only waiting for the seller. There are a lot more issues involved than in the Netherlands and in addition, many things have changed in Greece over the years. For example, you pay property tax for a couple of years now and, even if you only have a holiday home, you have to file an income tax return. We have understood from the mediation that the seller has not been aware of this because he/she has not been there for several years. This will have to be paid and/or indicated with retroactive effect and these are matters that unfortunately do not go as simple in Greece, so it takes a lot more time.


So how long?

Last week we got another update and the last tasks are set in motion. This would mean that if there are no obstacles we can sign at the end of March! The long months of waiting will end anyway and that would be nice because in early May we will go to Karpathos again. Although we can of course just go to my parents, we want to be able to do some work on our house!



So far so this update. You will, of course, hear from me if we have signed!


Keep informed!

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