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Update about our Greek house #3

17 April 2018

Many people in our area have recently asked again “Is that house in Greece now finally yours?” Finally, we can give a clearer answer than “No, we are still working on it”. There is a date scheduled to sign and take care of everything which is April 23. That is in about 5 days! Fantastic! Finally! We have had to wait so long, but luckily the end is really nearby now. And of course, we are pleased that it could be all arranged before we go on our holiday to Karpathos because we would like to work on the house obviously. 


What are we supposed to do in the house?

Although the house is not in a bad condition, there are some things that have to happen immediately once it is officially ours. We outsource some jobs and this will be done immediately once the transfer has taken place. There are also some things like painting and cleaning that we can do ourselves, of course, so we will start working on that as soon as we are there.


huis in Griekenland


Replacing the wood

The house has a large balcony and because the wood has not been kept in good condition for years, it has started to rot so we are forced to replace it. Of course, we will not do this ourselves. Immediately after we have signed a man will take care of the wood for us. In addition to the balcony, the large side window will be completely replaced as well including new windows. On the windows was a certain foil with a pattern of mosaic (to prevent the neighbors from looking through). However, this stuff is so stubborn that it can no longer be removed from the windows.



As with the wood, the house has not been painted in recent years. We will, therefore, have to paint the whole house again. Fortunately, we do not have to go up the ladder ourselves, because there are some good painters who want to do this for us. They always do the house of my parents and that looks beautiful. The house is originally a bit skin-colored (like the picture above, which is from a lot of years back), then it has been pink for a long time, but we are going to choose a different color. We would like to have the house a bit lilac purple, which fits nicely with the other houses. What we are going to paint ourselves is the terrace above and the white surfaces between the stones that surround the house. Then it will look like new again. 



The house has been uninhabited for a long time (except for a few tenants, but unfortunately the tenants are not always tidy ..) so we have to clean the house a lot. We get the house including furniture and we know from the previous owners that there is still a lot of stuff in the house. We will therefore also have to see if there are things that we can keep and which things will be thrown away.


We are really looking forward to it! In about 2.5 weeks we will go there together with my parents and besides enjoying the holiday we will also enjoy working with our house. 🙂



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