Update #5 | Working on our Greek house

With a Greek house in our possession, last holiday was not just a holiday. Every morning we worked on our house and in the afternoon we went to the beach. Sounds maybe less fun, but we did not see it like this at all. It is really nice to work on your own ‘project’. 


My parents had started a little before we were there, but there was one thing that had to happen first: cleaning up. We have bought the house with everything included. The previous owner had taken some valuables back home a few years ago, but all other stuff was still in the house. Think of a Game cube, shower articles, sleeping bags, etc. We have thrown out the whole house and put everything outside and then started figuring out what we kept and what we wanted to throw away. Vincent has filled 3 containers along the road with junk, so much was in the house! However, we have also been able to store things like shower products that were completely clean and still in the plastic and also have things for the kitchen such as packaged peelers we saved. Oh, and there were also just packed quilts and sheets for example. Those are useful things to keep and it was still packed and not dirty, so that was fine for us. After everything was out of the house and we had sorted out only the things that we wanted to keep, we cleaned the house and put the leftovers back.


Klussen Griekse huis - Karpathos

This is the pink side of the house 😉


When we were not on the island, Fotis Spanos replaced the woodwork for us on the balcony. The wood was so rotten that you could just fall through the balcony, not good of course! The side window on the balcony has also been replaced. The previous occupants had these closed with lute and there were window stickers from mosaic to prevent the neighbors (my parents 😉 ) for looking through the window. Because the lute and the stickers could not be removed anymore, we had to replace the entire window.


Klussen Griekse huis - Karpathos


On the 4th day of our holiday, a painter came to paint our house. We took paint ourselves at a paint store in Pigadia, where the painter then could get to work with. Unfortunately, the painting went a bit different than planned (again very Greek of course ..). When the painter started Vincent and I thought the color was already pretty pink and that proved to be right because halfway we realized that the paint store had given two different colors of paint. However, both pots had the same code of color that we had chosen, but one pot was wrong. We in panic, the painter in panic and my father was away with the car so we could not drive to Pigadia to go to the paint shop. When that eventually could, Vincent and my father went to the store. We and the painter were blamed by the owner for not checking the paint. Okay, yes maybe we should have done that, but he sells the paint, he should have checked it! In the end, it turned out that the purple tube in the machine was empty, but that the system had not indicated it. With the first pot it went well, but in the second one the purple is missing and that’s why this color is pinker. In the end, it was quite a hassle, the painter did not like to paint everything again and we would have to pay extra for that of course. We have therefore chosen to keep pink on two sides of the house where the shade stands up most. The other two sides – including the front – are the lilac color that we had chosen. You do not see a lot of difference, only when the sun is full, but it is not a problem for us.


A few days later we found a new paint store. This one is much closer to our home and they are so kind here! We have been there for the rest of the holiday for all kinds of things. The staff is very nice, they help you well and it is a clean and orderly business. We got more paint here and also some brushes, sandpaper, and wire for electricity.


Klussen Griekse huis - Karpathos


The days that followed, my father and Vincent sanded the wood and put it in the paint. Now it looks a lot nicer and the wood is better protected. Mom and I have cleaned and decorated the house. The beds are now also made up and the kitchen with all the necessities has been redecorated too. Then we continued to paint the tables and chairs. They just looked normal, but we found a Greek color much more fun. We now have a white table and a blue one and we have also painted the chairs blue. What a difference, it looks really cool now!


Klussen Griekse huis - Karpathos

Klussen Griekse huis - Karpathos

Klussen Griekse huis - Karpathos


Vincent and I have also been painting the joints on the balcony (in August we start with the joints around the house, but they have to be filled up first) and with my mother, I made curtains for our bed and for the window on the balcony. And oh yeah, we also had a lot of work cleaning all windows and removing the lute that was there (who put’s lute on windows in a warm country such as Greece?!).


Klussen Griekse huis - Karpathos


Well, that was a long story! You see that we have already done a lot and the result so far is gorgeous, we are very proud! Although we have done a lot, there are still things to do in the future, that’s the thing with a house, but in general, the house is now ‘finished’.



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