This is where our love for Karpathos comes from

I think the answer to this question cannot be answered clearly. You never know exactly where the love for your partner comes from, right? It’s something you feel, something that comes into existence. I think, that with Karpathos as well and other people will experience this with a different holiday destination also.

Although I have no clear answer to the question “Where does our love for Karpathos come from?”, I do know where this love once started. In this blog I will take you along in this story. Enjoy!

2004 | The first vacation to Karpathos

CRAZY! This year it will be my 27th holiday to Karpathos, how special is that? The love for Karpathos did not immediately start with me in 2004, but already 10 years earlier. In 1994 my parents went to Karpathos for the first time. They were then staying in Amoopi and I was already secretly there! My mother was pregnant with me without her knowledge. Exactly 10 years later my parents decided to go back to Karpathos and that is where my love for the island began.

That first ever holiday to Karpathos we stayed in theKyra Panagia Apart Hotel. My parents always had the dream to buy a holiday home abroad. A place of its own, completely unwinding and a better investment than all those single vacations that work more expensive each year. When they went to Karpathos for the 2nd time in 2004 and noticed that the island was still as authentic as in 1994, they knew for sure: here we want a home. I was only 9 years old and can’t remember much about this vacation. I do know that we are looking at two houses. One was in Amoopi and the other was the house they finally bought in Afiartis.

As soon as it was decided to go for the 2nd house in Afiartis. I still remember that my father dropped us off at a beach every morning and then started arranging all sorts of things. In the afternoon he came to accompany my mother and me again. And then there was that special day: they had officially bought a home for the holidays on Karpathos!

Little Athina at Glaros, Arkassa

2005 – 2012 | My parents dream

Incredibly special course your own holiday home abroad. As a 9 year old that didn’t really dawn on me. At that moment you assume that such a thing is normal. Now I really realize how special it is what my parents did then. That they have dared to take such a step and luckily, because look where it led!

In 2005 we went to our holiday home for the first time. That was also a thing because I break quite quickly and that was also the case this time. A day and a half before we went on vacation, I fell off a trampoline and broke my growth disc in my ankle. An operation followed and so the holiday had to be halved. We went 1 week instead of 2 oops …

From that moment we went on holiday to Karpathos for 6 weeks every year and the love for the island grew. I also thought it was fantastic, but as a child that feeling is still different. I had in mind that if I was older, I would not go anymore. I wanted to see the world and go on holiday with friends, but although I have visited another country here, I have never had one year in which I did not go to Karpathos. I, too, had fallen in love completely.

May 2012 | Our first vacation to Karpathos together

2012 | Vincent’s first time

Vincent and I had a relationship in 2011. A year later he went to Karpathos for the first time. He was also sold immediately! From that moment on we went to Karpathos together every year to spend our vacation there.

It always seemed cool to me: a holiday home abroad. I always looked forward to staying abroad for a longer period of time. Vincent had never really thought about this. At the end of 2016 it started to tickle both of us. How cool would it be to own a holiday home abroad ?! Yet we did not see such a thing happening quickly. It was something for the future, we thought. I remember when I went to Karpathos with Kelly in August 2017 and I talked to her about how cool it would be to never have a house here myself. Not knowing that Vincent and I would make a bid a month later haha!

May 2018 | The first time in our own home

2017 | Our own home

Of course, we can still remember the moment well. Vincent and I were having a drink in the city when my father suddenly called. The house next to my parents (which had been for sale for a few years) had already dropped in price. This time it was so low that we had to make a decision in the short term. With this price, it was probably gone so it was now or never and we would not get that chance in the future. We thought about it briefly and Monday was the day, we made an offer that was immediately accepted!

From that moment on we had to arrange a lot of things, very nice of course. In May 2018 we went to our own holiday home on Karpathos for the first time. It felt very special and already it really feels like home.

We are so proud that we have pursued our dream! Make plans now to go there for half a year, that is really the ultimate dream.

When did your love for Karpathos started?

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