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3 must try pita gyros when you are on Karpathos

18 October 2018

If you say Greece, you say pita gyro. Also on Karpathos you will find this typical Greek dish. But where can you get it? Today I share three different types of pita who reached my top 3. Which one is your favorite?



Chicken pita at Glaros

This pita only a bit different from the usual pita gyro, but still very delicious! This pita is always the first dish I order when I arrive at Karpathos. After a lovely day at Arkassa beach, I always have to go to Glaros for a chicken pita. Actually, these pita isn’t very different from the traditional pita gyros, only the gyro is replaced with chicken. Really recommended!


pita gyros op Karpathos (



Small pita’s with spicy cheese at Poseidon

These pita’s do not look like traditional pita gyro at all, but they are so good! You can order them at Poseidon restaurant in Afiarti. It is an appetizer consisting 3 small pita’s with spiced chopped meat and a big batter of spicy cheese. Very tasty! You must be pretty hungry, or order it as a main course because it is quite powerful. I also need to tell you that the cheese is not very spicy. I absolutely do not like spicy food at all but this cheese is very good and fits perfectly with the meat.

Wijnproeverij Poseidon


The ‘real’ pita gyro at Erasmias

And then here the traditional pita gyro. A Pita with gyro, tomato, tzatziki and fries (no onions for me because I do not like those big rings!). I order my favorite pita gyro in the capital of Karpathos, Pigadia. The tent is called Erasmias and you’ll find him near the taxi station at the corner of the street that goes to the boulevard. It’s really a takeaway restaurant, you can sit there, but it’s not that cozy. Just order a pita here for lunch or a quick bite.
pita gyros op Karpathos (


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