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Public transport on Karpathos + taxi’s | How does it work? + timetable 2018

1 May 2018

Did you know that in addition to renting your own means of transport, you can also use public transport on Karpathos? In this blog, you can read everything about public transport on the island. We also ensure that every year the new timetable is found on this page (also in a downloadable form!). Oh, and we’ll also tell you more about the taxi options + the rates!

~ In early May this page will be updated with the new prices and timetable.


Prices of public transport on Karpathos

Public transport on Karpathos is very affordable. You pay between € 2,- and € 7,-. This depends on the distance of the ride. From Pigadia you are for example € 2, – in one of the mountain villages such as Aperi, Pyles or Othos. If you want to go from Pigadia to Lefkos you pay € 4,80 for this. The prices I have from the website Karpathos by bus and are as follows (from Pigadia):

  • Aperi  € 2,- 
  • Volada € 2,-
  • Othos € 2,-
  • Pyles € 2,-
  • Menetes € 2,-
  • Ammopi  € 2,30 
  • Arkassa  € 2,50 
  • Finiki  € 2,50 
  • Achata € 2,50 
  • Airport (Afiartis) € 3,- 
  • Kyra Panagia € 3,-
  • Apella € 3,30
  • Spoa € 3,50
  • Lefkos  € 4,80
  • Mesochori € 5,-
  • Olympos / Diafani € 7,- (or € 7,50 if you want to go to the west side)


Openbaar vervoer Karpathos - Public Transport Karpathos


The frequency of public transport on Karpathos

The buses do not often run on Karpathos. In the low season to most villages one return per day. In the high season (mid-June to early September) the buses drive a bit more often, but it is still very little. They drive to Kyra Panagia, and Apella only once (back and forth). Do you really want the freedom (and no stress that the bus does not show up haha!) then it’s better that you rent a car on Karpathos. 


Below is the timetable of public transport on Karpathos. The timetable is spread over two schemes. One schedule is from the low season and the other is (obviously) from the high season on Karpathos. In order not to have to search this page every time, I made a handy pdf file of the timetable of the public transport on Karpathos. You can just put the images of the service control on your mobile, so you always have it in your pocket!


Karpathos by bus low season


Karpathos by bus high season


Taxi’s on Karpathos

There are not many taxi’s on Karpathos. I think there are less than 20 pieces on the island 😉 We would not really recommend taxis. Maybe handy for a ride airport – Pigadia, but I would keep it that way. Taxis are relatively expensive. A ride Pigadia – airport (15 minutes) costs you € 22,-. A night rate also applies at night. How much this is is not entirely known. One says 50%, some say 5 euros. My friends (Athina) took the taxi after a night out on Karpathos. This normally costs € 22,-. The taxi driver wanted to make € 30,-, but they indicated that this was not mentioned anywhere and then they just paid the normal price;) Taxis are only found in Pigadia, so you need a taxi from Arkassa because you are sitting there you will also have to pay extra.

The taxi stand can be found at the ‘big’ supermarket in Pigadia near the harbor (where there is also a small parking lot). On the corner, you will also find two tents where you can eat pita gyros & this street runs directly to the boulevard of Pigadia;).



Don’t you want to use public transport on Karpathos? You can rent a car on Karpathos, or rent a quad.


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