Do you want to rent something other than a car? Rent a quad on Karpathos so you can discover the unpaved roads! In this post, you’ll read everything about renting a quad. Where you should do it and what is cost. We also give some tips and share a few lovely routes to take with the quad!


Rent a quad on Karpathos | A must?

If you rent a quad on Karpathos, you’ll have a lot of fun, but keep in mind that driving a quad is a bit exhausting. It requires a lot more power and concentration than driving a car. After a day of quad driving, you are also quickly demolished. We, therefore, recommend renting a quad for one or two days. Do you want to go out for the rest of the days? Then you can choose those days for a car.


quad huren Karpathos

The exited way to Kato Lako!


Rent a quad on Karpathos | Where and what does it cost?

We rent a quad on Karpathos once per holiday. We always have a car, but we just like to have a nice day out and the unpaved roads on the go. We always rent the quad at MotoCarpathos and that is always well arranged. You can also rent one at Euromoto, there are many positive stories about as well.

The costs for a quad vary per period. Take into account an amount between € 30, – and € 50, – per day.



Praktische information

Stop along the road

On Karpathos, there are many small unpaved coves in the road, especially between Afiartis and Amoopi. Here you can easily stop to take pictures of the view. What you really must pay attention to is the wind. When the wind blows, you better stay in the car. The hard falls from the mountains can suddenly give a jerk and that is dangerous at such a point along the road.



Refueling is not possible in many places on Karpathos. In Pigadia you will find 3 tan stations. Two at the end of Pigadia (on the way to Aperi) and one at the beginning of the city (from Amoopi). You can also refuel in Arkassa. This petrol station is located- seen from Afiartis – before entering Arkassa. You do not refuel yourself when you rent a car at Karpathos, they do this at the petrol station in front of you. The costs of petrol are usually around € 1.90 – € 2.00. In July and August, it is wise to provide extra petrol in the car or to refuel if possible. It can sometimes happen that the boat does not arrive with petrol and you have to wait a few days. Fortunately, you can in some cases also go to the car rental company for some extra petrol in case of emergency.



They do not know parking costs on Karpathos. So that saves you a lot of money. On Karpathos, parking places (with experience) are not self-evident. In the villages, you usually find fixed parking places, but at beaches generally just parked along the road. Bear in mind that – especially in high season – beaches like Apella and Kyra Panagia are very busy. So go early to score a (normal) spot for your car. Also useful to know is that cars in the capital of Karpathos, Pigadia, after 7 pm no longer allowed to enter the boulevard/harbor. This is also indicated at the beginning of the boulevard/harbor on a sign and after 19:00 there is also a fence here.


Do I need navigation?

Navigation on Karpathos is basically not necessary. The island is small and there is actually only one, the real main road over the island. You can not get lost;). A ticket (or via Google Maps) it is useful to know where the villages are located.


Driving at night

Driving a car at Karpathos in the evening can take some getting used to. In the villages, you have lights thanks to hotels, restaurants etc, but there is no lamppost outside (yes, there is a whole row near the airport, but they are never on). In the evening, therefore, much is driven by the big light. We are not necessarily supporters of this. Try to drive with normal light as long as possible, until it really can not or does not feel safe. When you drive directly with high light and you have to take it off on oncoming traffic, your eyes have a lot of trouble to suddenly switch back to the dark. The road between Arkassa and Afiartis is a lot nicer ride than to or from Pigadia. This road has cat eyes on the road, that makes it a lot finer drive!


Speed limits

On Karpathos, most tourists drive about 50 to 60 km per hour with a car. The Greeks a lot harder;). With a quad, it often fails to tap that speed. Take it easy and see what you like. Certainly, in turns, braking is necessary, a quad is much less agile than a car, really watch out! Do you find it annoying when there are cars behind you that want to go faster? Put your quad aside or watch with them if they can pick you up. We always do! This way they can drive on and you can continue without stress 😉


Routes when you rent a quad on Karpathos

Quad rijden is het leukst op afgelegen, onverharde wegen. Daar zijn ze immer toch voor bedoeld 😉 Een hele leuke weg om te rijden is naar Kato Lako. Het eerste stuk van af Pigadia is niet persé heel interessant, maar zodra je bijna bij Kato Lako bent wordt het leuk: deze weg is namelijk onverharde en lekker stijl.


Een leuke route die Vincent en ik vorig jaar reden begonnen we in Pigadia. We zijn daarna naar Ahata, Kyra Panagia en Apella geweest om even een korte duik te nemen. Daarna zijn we door de bergen via Spoa naar de andere kant van Karpathos gereden: Messochori. Vanuit daar kun je dan weer via Lefkos en Arkassa terug rijden naar Pigadia. Een lange route, maar wel onwijs leuk. Zeker als je voor het eerst naar Karpathos gaat heb je via deze route een goede indruk kunnen krijgen van het eiland!




Rent a scooter on Karpathos

Naast een auto of quad huren op Karpathos kun je ook kiezen voor een scooter. Deze kun je ook huren bij één van bovengenoemde vestigingen.


Met een scooter ben je natuurlijk lekker snel en kun je makkelijker parkeren. Sowieso scooter rijden met 30+ graden is toch wel een ultiem zomersgevoel, dat vind ik in Nederland ook altijd heerlijk!

Toch is er wel een groot nadeel aan het huren van een scooter. De meningen zijn hier over verveeld, sommige hebben er geen last van, maar Vincent en ik vinden het maar niets. De valwinden op Karpathos zijn namelijk heel sterk. Nu valt het wel mee als je van Pigadia naar het Noorden rijdt, want hier waait het over het algemeen niet echt. Ga je richting Afiartis en Arkasa dan kan je helaas met behoorlijk sterke winden te maken krijgen en dit is op een scooter echt niet fijn! Het is natuurlijk wat je zelf graag wilt, maar wij raden een scooter toch wel af.


Prefer not to rent a quad on Karpathos (or scooter)? You can also rent a car on Karpathos. And did you know you can also use public transport on Karpathos?


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