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Kipos | Idyllic dining in a Greek garden

12 July 2018

Kipos is a very nice restaurant in Arkassa, Karpathos. And did you know that Kipos means ‘garden’ in Greek? And that is exactly where you are when you eat at Kipos.

Kipos Karpathos


Kipos can be found at the opposite side of Popi studio apartments. Directions: When you drive just into Arkassa you will see a scooter rental company directly on your left side. At this point you hit straight right into a very small street in which you think you can not drive in, but you can ;). Ok, so Kipos is a bit hidden in Arkassa, just outside the city center. What’s nice because it is a bit more quiet.


What I like about Kipos is that their menu has something different than other restaurants. They have a number of standard Greek dishes but also some more special dishes and the card does not consist 10 pages (.. too much choice!). In addition, the food is always served beautifully and the food looks very good. Every day they have some dishes on the daily menu. You are always welcome to take a look in the kichten to take a look!


Kipos Karpathos


So now a nice thing to now(… and also a tip)! This drink above looks like Sangria at first sight, but it is not. This is how it’s described on the menu: “Kipan-gria is a Karpathian type of Sangria. A alcoholic beverage which consists of red wine, ouzo, sparkling orange juice, fresh chopped fruits and some special herbs”. This typical Sangria was designed by a Dutch chef named Arie van Elst. Of course, you will understand that when we saw this on the menu, we needed to try it right away 😉 And now I have tried it I can recommend it to everyone! It tastes really delicious and because of the ouzo and herbs it’s different from normal Sangria.


Kipos Karpathos

Kipos Karpathos


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