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Wednesday June 28th, 2017

Today it’s time for another hotspot, but this time one close by home. Last week we went for a spontaneous meal and I realized it was time to share this cozy spot on my page. In this blog I tell you about my favorite Italian restaurant Marea. So here it is!


Marea Italiaans Rijswijk


You will find Marea in Rijswijk, hidden in a very small shopping mall. The restaurant is not big and looks old and I mean that in a positive sense. It’s very traditional and hugely cozy! Antonio is the owner and with his wife and staff they create a great atmosphere. They are extremely friendly, hospitable and Antonio likes to joke around all the time. If you want to enjoy good Italian food and enjoy for a whole, then you will be at the right place here!


Delicious bread and well filled glasses of wine

Upon arrival you will get a basket of self-baked bread (kind of pizza bread) and focazzia on the table. And I like this: no garlic butter. Here you’ll get a plate of olive oil, balsamic and salt. It really is a great combination with the bread and again something different! If you love a good glass of wine then you are here at the right place. They serve delicious wines (I prefer the lambrusco bianco) and the glasses are well filled.

 Marea Italiaans Rijswijk


Marea Italiaans Rijswijk


What to eat?

I must honestly admit that I ate only pizza at Marea untill a couple of weeks ago. I’m just love pizza and every time I think “I’ll take something different”, I’ll always end up with pizza ? Yet they have much more to offer than pizzas. For example they serve delicious starters like carpaccio or Italian tomato soup. For a main courses you can orde many different types of pasta or a fish/meat dish and for desserts they serve the famous scroppino or the tiramisu and many more. You can also choose the menu of the day. A couple of weeks ago, Vincent and I had something to celebrate and to make the meal special, we chose for this menu. The menu consists an antipasta of all kinds of Italian appetizers. After that you can choose pasta with truffle or ravioli and as a main course you can choose between different fish or meat dishes.


Marea Italiaans Rijswijk


Making a reservation

In most cases when you arrive early (around 17.00h), most of the time there will be a spot free, but for later in the evening I would definitely make a reservation. Especially towards the weekend it is getting busy.


Have you ever eaten at Marea?



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