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Afiartis is one of the villages on the Island Karpathos.  It is a relatively quiet village with a small amount of Greek inhabitants. During spring and summer season a lot of people from across Europe rent a house here and because of the strong wind you will find a lot of windsurfers as well. For the most of the Greek inhabitants of Karpathos, Afiartis is ‘too windy’. They prefer the capital Pigadia. A major advantage of the fact that not so many people live here is that every home has often a priceless view, because there is (still) nothing built in front of their houses. We take advantage of this and so does Poseidon.  As well as the hotel (yes, all rooms!) and the restaurant have a great ocean view. Angela and Ingmar are the owners of this beautiful place and are working hard to make something special out of it.


Poseidon restaurant


The concept

Angela and Ingmar took over the hotel and restaurant from her parents a few years back. They have given the concept of this place a whole new twist. A few years ago, they already changed the usual restaurant into a chef-worthy dine place. Angela has participated in Masterchef Greece and Ingmar worked for our Dutch Michelin awarded chef Ron Blaauw. Together they make the perfect combination to start a new concept in Karpathos. The restaurant is done at the moment and there is now more focus on refreshing the rooms. Currently there are two rooms ready: the luxury suites. Upcoming winter they will refurbish more of their rooms. They are considering about 1 or 2 extra luxury suites. The other rooms are not necessarily luxurious but do get a modern makeover.


Poseidon restaurant

Poseidon restaurant


Private Jacuzzi with a spectacular view

During our holidays on the Island,  we slept one night in the Deluxe suite. It was very nice that we could check-in early so we could enjoy this wonderful place for some more hours than planned. Upon arrival Ingmar took us to the suite and leads us around. The suite looks beautiful!  The room has a big and comfortable bed, with adjoining (open!) bathroom, plenty of closet space and a TV with international channels (if you are interested in watching TV while you are on holiday). You can also make a cup of tea or coffee in the room and there is a minibar available. There are also beds reserved for us on the nearby beach called Damatria. Of course the best part of the room has to be the Jacuzzi. Directly from your bed, you can splash into the Jacuzzi and from here you have a breathtaking view of the bay of Damatria. In the evening the view from the Jacuzzi is just as beautiful as the day because of the millions of stars you will see in the sky. They will give you such a magical feeling and it makes it very romantic.


Poseidon restaurant

Poseidon restaurant


…waking up in the early morning by the sun shining in to the room is beautiful and gives you a wide-awake feeling. We start our day with a breakfast at the restaurant and after we enjoy a few hours in the Jacuzzi before going to the beach.


Poseidon restaurant


A chef-worthy diner

The restaurant looks really nice and gives you an instant warm feeling. The restaurant is surrounded by flowers and plants and you have again a breathtaking view of the bay of Damatria. The menu looks inviting. Fortunately, no lengthy pages with dishes such as moussaka, souvlaki and pastitio! Do not get me wrong, these are all delicious Greek meals, but during your holiday it is nice to taste something different. On the menu you will find a small selection of starters and main dishes and all are equally special. My absolutely favorite as a main course is the turkey breast with honey mustard sauce, jasmine rice and Brussels sprouts. Sounds quite simple, but it is served beautiful and the taste is so good! Besides the standard house wines Poseidon offers a  special wine list as well. The list has a very good selection of wines. Ingmar is a sommelier so he knows where he is talking about. If you are not completely full after a starter and a main course (and even if you are though 😉 ) definitely choose a dessert at Poseidon because they are delicious.


Poseidon restaurant

Poseidon restaurant


Curious about the prices of the restaurant? Well, the restaurant is slightly more expensive than an average restaurant on Karpathos, but you also get a lot in return. In comparison with the value for money that we have in the Netherlands the price isn´t high for the quality you get.

After reading this blog you’re stuck and became definitely excited about this hotel and restaurant isn’t it? The best way to book a room is to through their website. You can choose from different rooms, each with its own price. Breakfast is included in the overnight. Only interest in a dinner at Poseidon? I recommend to book a table in advance. Especially in high season, tables can be taken very quickly!



Have you ever eat or stayed at Poseidon?


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