5x Romantic hotspots for couples in Karpathos

Greece is all about romance. Not surprising that so many couples go to the Greek islands! Yet some spots are extra special. This is our top 5 most romantic hotspots on Karpathos. Enjoy 🙂


Diner at Poseidon during a full moon

Poseidon is a delicious restaurant in the village of Afiartis. The cook participated in Masterchef Greece and together with her (Dutch!) husband they set up this concept. You can eat some amazing dishes here and the view is fanatical. When the moon is full you see the reflection of the moonlight on the sea and it moves with the waves and wind. Really cool to see! Definitely, visit, and preferably when it is a full moon.


Kato Lako

This beautiful beach is close to Kyra Panagia. It is very quiet, which is mainly due to the road to it. Kato Lako is not accessible by car. You need a quad (or a 4×4 car) and some guts. The road to it is really worth it, because this beach is really beautiful! On the left side (going very far!) Is also a cool cave where you can swim. This was really a magical moment for us.

Zonsondergang Karpathos Romantische plekjes


Cocktails and a sunset

A sunset and cocktails are the perfect recipe for a romantic summer night. Stema bar is, therefore, one of the most romantic hotspots on Karpathos. The cocktail bar is located in the small village Arkassa. Make sure you’ll be there early so you can get a spot on ‘pole position’ and enjoy your cocktail while the sun sinks into the ocean!

The sunrise

A sunrise is always a romantic moment. On Karpathos the sun rises on the Eastside of the island. So choose a nice spot in Afiartis, Amoopi, Pigadia or in the direction of the beaches Kyra Panagia, Apella or Ahata. We have seen a beautiful sunrise when we stayed in Poseidon hotel, but our most beautiful sunrise was sure the one during our stay in the Lux View Villas nearby Kyra Panagia.


Zonsondergang Karpathos Romantische plekjes


Zonsondergang Karpathos Romantische plekjes


We love mornings, especially in the summer, the morning is fantastic! Going early out of bed, the sunrise, fresh juice with a slice of bread and fantastic view. If you stay in a hotel, chances are that you will have breakfast in a (large) room. Therefore I’d recommend as a couple, go eat out of the door! In Pigadia you have several nice places for your breakfast. We love to have breakfast on Karpathos at En Plo. They serve delicious breakfast and they are located directly to the harbor From this place, you’ll see everything happen! 😉 


What is the most romantic hotspot on Karpathos according to you?  



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