Skala bar | The place where you should try ouzo milkshakes

For a few years, there was a special building that stood empty in Amopi. Several people have fantasized about doing something with the property, but no one took the adventure. A Dutch men called Tom dared it and opened in 2007 Skala bar. It was the first bar in Amopi. Now Tom has the bar 10 years already. Therefore I felt it was about time to tell you more about this place!


Skala bar


Skala bar


Skala bar really has a beautiful view! The bar is located on the top floor of a beautiful building right between Amopi and Lakki Beach. Especially in the hottest months July and August you can cool off here between sunbathing. But even when it is colder, like in May, you are fine here. In Amopi you won’t find the wind often.

An very nice detail at the bar are the accessories Tom uses. He has very funny glasses, wine coolers or holder for skewers. I think it’s something typical Dutch those crazy accessories 😉  Check them when you are there!


What’s on the menu?

At Skala bar you can enjoy drinks. Besides the usual selection, they also serve milkshakes and cocktails. They also serve some small snacks like toast with spreads. I prefer to order the Ouzo milkshake when I am at Skala bar. This milkshake is a popular drink among the people. So if you visit Skala, you should definitely try this milkshake!


Don’t forget to watch the full moon at Skala when you are at Karpathos. Watching the moon rise out of the ocean is amazing.  You have to see it for yourself!


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