The best spots for snorkeling on Karpathos

Snorkeling on Karpathos is beautiful, but some beaches are more interesting than the other when it comes to their underwater world. Are you going to Karpathos for the first time? Then you should definitely check the blog below! Today, I share my favourite places to snorkel.



Apella beach really is at the top of my list! The beach itself is beautiful and it even got the title ‘Most beautiful beach in Europe’. Also, the underwater here is beautiful. Underwater you will find beautiful rocks, where you can find all different kinds of fish.



Okay, Saria is actually a self-contained island, but it’s practically part of Karpathos so this beach is on my list as well! To Saria, you go by boat from Pigadia or Diafani. Once on Saria, you will have a long break on the beach called Palatia. I think this underwater world is even more beautiful than Apella! You can also swim/ climb through a  cave, which can be found on the left side when you are standing on the beach. 



Snorkelen op Karpathos



This beach is located at the airport. The beach and a large part of the water consist of sand, but on the sides, there are rocks that make Diakoftis a beautiful bay. In the water, you can see some stones what looks like they used to be streets (the left beach) and you can even find a big bomb on the right beach! I have also seen sea spiders (do you call them like that?).



Lastly, I want to put Achata on this list. This beach is near Apella. This beach is also – like all beaches on Karpathos 😉 – beautiful! Throughout the sea, you will find all kinds of nice colored fish!


What is your favorite spot for snorkeling?


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