Snorkeling on vacation, I love it, seeing all those fish! Especially on Karpathos, you can see a lot.  I even saw sea spiders and snakes ones! Not surprising that there are a lot of snorkel sets in our house (yup, we have collected a lot of them all those years). Well some downsides of a snorkel mask for me is the fogging of your glasses and the loose snorkel, but I have snorkeled this holiday for the first time with an Easybreath snorkel mask and with this type of mask these problems are directly solved.


You have probably seen the below picture on Facebook or Instagram. It was a collaboration with Decathlon, where I  tested their Eeasybreath snorkel mask! I am very happy with the mask and that’s why I wanted to mention it – with no strings attached – on my blog. So if you are planning to purchase a (new) snorkel mask, please read on 🙂 


Easybreath snorkelmasker


Just before we went to Karpathos for holidays I received my Easybreath snorkel set through Decathlon. Lovely, because that meant that I could test it directly on vacation! After a few days of snorkeling (thank god, the water was already good in May!) I can tell you that I really like the Easybreath mask. In the past, I always used a normal snorkel masker, but I really think this one is a lot better. With a normal snorkel, I always suffer from cramps in my jaws because of the snorkel in my mouth and it is never completely good attached to your mask. With the Easybreath mask, you do not have any loose parts, because the pipe is simply attached to the top of the mask. This means you no longer have to breathe through your mouth because with this mask it is possible by mouth and nose. It is also nice that the pipe is ‘waterproof’. This means that no water licks into your mask, which is usually the case with a normal mask. What I really find a big plus on the Easybreath is that it never covers, because honestly, I think that is the most annoying part. The only thing is that, for me,  the flippers that are a bit short. No big problem and I fully understand why they choose for using short flippers, but I swim a lot of meters behind Vincent because he has long flippers, so that’s a small thing for me, but that does not have to be a problem for other people I think. 


Some extra info:

  • The price-quality is really great for € 35, – you have a set and a loose mask costs € 24,99

  • You can buy a design piece for your GoPro

  • They sell glasses for close (see it as reading glasses)

  • You can wear your own glasses underneath

  • They sell 3 different colors and there are two sizes: S/M and M/L. In principle, they indicate that the small size is for women and children and the larger size for men, but you can fit in the store of course and return when you shop online is also possible!


Buy your Easybreath mask via the link above. They are now only € 24,99 ♥