Stema bar | Cocktails & the sunset

A few years ago when my parents and I were on a vacation on Karpathos, we met a man named Manolis on the beach of Arkassa. He told us that he had opened a cocktail bar in Arkassa and we definitely had to come by because it was the best bar of the Island. Yet that vacation we went to take a look: and sure enough, he was right, what a cool bar! Now, several years later Manolis has become a good friend, and during the holidays we regularly come by for a drink.

The Stema bar is located in the village Arkassa. It lies just off the main road, in a narrow street. Stema is a cocktail bar and is therefore primarily known for its cocktails. Their menu is presented on driftwood. In addition to the cocktails, you can just go for other beverages such as wine, coffee and ouzo. When you order a drink, you get a bowl of peanuts as well. Ah! I love that so much 😉

Hospitality. Something that is still so beautiful about Greece, we can really learn something from this in the Netherlands! Manolis is a great man, he makes with everyone a chat and he makes sure that everyone feels at his or her convenience. If he sees that you are “new” and still a little awkward between all those people is he going to talk with you to ensure that you feel at home. Great to see! Every year he is looking for new staff who helps him in the summer. This often involves a number of girls and boys around 25 years. You notice that he selects his staff well, they are the whole night trying to make the perfect evening and all of them are very social!

At Stema Everyone is welcome, no matter how old (or young!) You are. It’s nice to see that everyone talks to each other and that age is not a factor, that makes it so special. The atmosphere is very relaxed here!


Stema opens around  6.30 pm. If you make sure you’re on time, you can find a good spot to see the sunset in the bay. It is so beautiful!

My best memory of Stema bar

Vincent and I were dropped off by my parents at the cocktail bar, we would have a few drinks and then go home as well. Once in the cocktail bar, we saw a lot of young children inside. What was happening? We discovered that Manolis daughter’s was celebrating her birthday. All their friends and parents from other children were chatting, drinking en eating together. In the Netherlands, you would definitely not be welcome, but here it is different. Manolis invited us to attend the anniversary and said we could eat and drink with them. Still a bit strange for us, since in the Netherlands you wouldn’t be invited. Eventually, we had such a nice evening!

Dit vind je vast ook leuk!


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