Travel diary Karpathos 2018 / part 1

Annoying! Our first holiday to Karpathos for 2018 is already over. We have enjoyed it very much and of course, the purchase of our house made it even more special. I will post a separate blog about all the things that have happened with the house, but for now, there is a photo blog of the entire holiday waiting for you. Enjoy!


Yes! We have arrived on our beloved island. My parents were already there, so they came to pick us up from the airport. Of course, we had to check our house from the inside and outside as soon as we were there as well as taking a picture of the house. 😉


Well, this was our view for 15 days.


Enjoying delicious Greek meals every day. This picture is from our dinner at Kipos in Arkassa.


I did a collaboration with Decathlon and therefore received an Easybreath mask for testing. Really honest, what a great thing! More about this later.


Vincent and I were together for 7 years on 10 May, and so we almost always celebrate our anniversary at Karpathos. For this year we had rented a great villa for a night and this was our view! Amazing, right?!


En Plo is my favorite place on the harbor, but because of our own house (and formerly that of my parents), we almost always have breakfast at home. Yet we usually go to Pigadia once or twice to have breakfast, which is delicious! P.S. That fries with the sandwich is indeed Vincent’s ‘breakfast’, but we were already out of bed at 6 o’clock so we had already been up for hours 😉


More daily views. This is Achata beach.


Scroll back to the first picture of this blog and compare the colors of our house. What a difference, right ?! It seems a very bright color, but together with the other houses that are also pastel, it is very beautiful. In a next blog, I will tell you more about the house!


Every Greek holiday needs ouzo…


… and of course also an ouzo milkshake!


It is still very quiet on the beaches during this period, so we got some company 😉


Beach, sand, beach, sand.


So this is the ‘village’ where we live. It’s called Afiartis.


More Achata beach.


Cozy cocktail nights at Anoi and of course we need some music 😉


Washed wood found at Arkassa. We are going to make something cool with it for in the garden and on the veranda. Later more 😉


On one of the last day, we spend the day with Diana and Edwin, who we met during a wine tasting at Poseidon. They were there exactly the same period and we have been away for a day together. They had not seen much of the island yet so that meant ouzo milkshakes, Greek mezzes, and a nice walk. We have been to the end of the island in search of sea salt. What a wonderful day!


Annoying such walks … 😉


Look at all the salt! Now can we cook again 🙂


We spend our last night at Stema bar.


And then it’s time to fly home again, until August my love!


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